The Vital Role of Libraries in Wartime

Column by Leah Dearborn
As visible, public cultural institutions, libraries have long played a role in the protection of civilians and shared heritage, as well as information dissemination during wartime.

Lessons I Learned Ghostwriting Romance (as a Non-Romance Writer)

Column by Jay Wilburn
After ghostwriting many romance novels, Jay Wilburn learned some lessons that helped with writing stories in other genres.

Conflict Without Violence: How to Add More Depth To Your Fiction

Column by Autumn Christian May 21, 2020
Violence is fun. But finding other ways to resolve conflict can improve your writing, and turn an average story into one with depth and intrigue.

Storyville: The Duality of Strong Emotions

Column by Richard Thomas
Love vs. Hate. How to employ the duality of strong emotions to improve your fiction.

Are Functional Relationships Ever Interesting In Fiction?

Column by Peter Derk
Bumper stickers are the right place for "I love my wife." Novels are the place to tell the truth.

Her Dark Materials: Raising Inner Demons To Craft Complex Villains

Column by Amanda Bender November 26, 2019
An analysis of Mrs. Coulter in the recent TV adaptation of "His Dark Materials" shows writers how to craft complex villains.

Happy International Day of Happiness! Why Don’t We Want to Read it?

Column by Annie Neugebauer
Why don’t we like to read happy books? Why aren’t there more? Not just books with happy parts or endings, but books about people who are genuinely happy?

Five Ray Bradbury Stories That Tell Us Everything We Need to Know About Writing.

Column by JS Breukelaar
No writer stalked the inherent tensions in fiction with more guts and style than Ray Bradbury. Here are five lessons in conflict from the master of wonder.

Everybody Hates You: Using Empathy to Write Realistic Characters

Column by Max Booth III November 12, 2015
If you want any chance of writing believable characters and stories worth reading, then being able to empathize with all of your characters must be your top priority.