How Do You Choose the Best Conventions and Writers Retreats?

Column by Jay Wilburn August 8, 2022
If you are spending the money to attend a convention or writers retreat, you want it to be worth it. Here is a guide from people who have attended the best and worst of them.

The Books of Horror Facebook Group: Readers Take Over

Column by Jay Wilburn June 1, 2022
The Books of Horror Facebook group is reshaping the indie horror scene.

Things to Do in Denver StokerCon When You're Dead

Column by Christoph Paul May 26, 2022
Damn, I've been touring for the past 5 weeks and and just finished up with StokerCon. Should you go next year? Read on and find out.

The Impact of Scares That Care

Column by Jay Wilburn May 5, 2022
Scares That Care has had a significant impact on the horror industry by helping those in need, and they are expanding.

Returning to Live Events as an Immunocompromised Person

Column by Jay Wilburn July 5, 2021
As a kidney transplant patient, Jay Wilburn is immunocompromised. This impacted his life during the pandemic and impacts his decision about returning to live events.

Ask Nick: Publishing 201 — Do I Need to Attend Conventions or Conferences?

Column by Nick Mamatas May 6, 2020
Short answer, "No, with a but." Long answer, "Also no, with a bigger but."

Strategies for Surviving a Writing Convention

Column by Autumn Christian January 31, 2020
Some methods on how to survive a writing convention. No gas mask included.

Comic Conventions Versus Pop Culture Conventions

Column by Peter Derk
Can the two peacefully co-exist?

8 Conventions For Horror Writers in 2019

Column by Max Booth III November 28, 2018
If you're wondering what this article is about, read the title again.

Nonreaders Raise Nonreaders and Other Lessons Learned Selling Books at Small-Town Fests

Column by Max Booth III November 9, 2018
A guide for surviving craft fairs and book conventions.

KillerCon 2018: A Recap

Column by Christoph Paul September 6, 2018
KillerCon returns, and Christoph Paul was there.

Why Crime Authors Need to Stop Pretending They're Badasses

Column by Gabino Iglesias April 11, 2018
Writing about crime makes you a criminal the same way talking about dieting helps you lose weight, and one of those things deserves more respect than the other.

AWP 2018 Round Up

Column by Christoph Paul April 6, 2018
I Tabled, I Read, and I Tampaed.

10 Things Selling Books at Festivals and Cons Has Taught Me About Writing

Column by Christoph Paul May 5, 2017
I give ten examples of how tabling at book festivals has helped my writing improve.

22 of the Best And Worst Promotional Products For Your Book Release

Column by Peter Derk
What kind of junk can you slap your book onto for trade shows, giveaways, and to generally annoy everyone?

'Scream: The TV Series' – Exploring Character Archetypes and Story Conventions in Slashers

Column by Michael David Wilson November 16, 2015
"Scream: The TV Series" just went live on Netflix. We have a look at slasher archetypes and conventions and see how they translate to the latest outing for the Scream franchise.

18 Things to do Before I Die: The Book Vendor’s Bucket List

Column by Max Booth III September 30, 2015
The essential list for every serious convention book vendor.

10 Author Tips for Con Appearances

Column by George Cotronis September 10, 2015
Tips and advice for a pleasant convention experience.

What Traditionally-Published And Indie Authors Can Learn (gasp) FROM EACH OTHER

Column by Melissa F. Olson July 16, 2015
Though the two sides are often thought of as adversarial, Melissa F. Olson argues that if both sides were to just calm down for a second, they'd see there are things they can learn—from each other!

Selling Books in an Ocean of Sweat and Malort: Texas Frightmare Weekend 2014

Column by Max Booth III May 12, 2014
Max attended Texas Frightmare Weekend 2014 and (barely) lived to tell the tale.

Targeting Your Readers One Headshot at a Time

Column by Max Booth III April 29, 2014
We're not saying to threaten your readers with actual violence, but we're not NOT saying it, either.

Writer's Conventions: A Hot-Bed of Legal Issues

Column by Jessica Meddows February 11, 2014
Conventions can be a hot-bed of legal issues no matter what industry you’re in. For all of the educated and erudite people in writing and publishing, our industry hasn’t escaped its share of scandals.