What is Gutter Opera? 'Absolutely Golden' Author D. Foy Is Here To Explain...

Column by Rob Hart
LitReactor Class Director Rob Hart can't explain Gutter Opera. Only D. Foy can do that. Find out how this upcoming writing workshop can get you thinking differently about the mechanics of writing...
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A Conversation With D. Foy about 'Gutter Opera', The Rigors And Worth Of Touring, And His New Novel 'Patricide'

Interview by Rob Hart October 12, 2016
LitReactor instructor D. Foy has a new novel out. It's called 'Patricide.' It's about fathers. And Fathers.
10 Questions with 'Made to Break' Author D. Foy

10 Questions with 'Made to Break' Author D. Foy

Interview by Emma McMorran Clark April 7, 2014
D. Foy's first novel, 'Made to Break', was published last month, sixteen years after it was written. We sat down recently to talk process, community, and why writers need an ass like leather.
Bookshots: 'Made to Break' by D. Foy

Bookshots: 'Made to Break' by D. Foy

Review by Keith Rawson
Entertaining, trashy, and artful. A review of 'Made to Break,' by debut novelist D. Foy