Does Anyone Really Know What Makes a Story Good?

Column by Jay Wilburn April 12, 2022
While there are some writing conventions that are generally agreed upon, the subtle things that make a story good may be more intangible than we like to think.

The Importance of the Character Interview

Column by Cina Pelayo
The more that you know about your characters, the more confidently you can write about them.

Showing and Telling, and Trusting the Reader

Column by Joshua Isard
We all know the cliche, "show don't tell," but it's still a common issue with young writers. That's where trust comes in.

Writing Horror Using All Five Senses

Column by Repo Kempt April 22, 2019
How to effectively use sensory details to connect with readers and maximize the fear in your writing.

Writing Emotions Effectively

Column by Repo Kempt July 9, 2018
A guide to portraying emotions in your fiction.

So You Want To Write About The Cold

Column by Peter Derk January 11, 2018
Want to make a reader shiver? Here are a few tips.

The Optical Illusion of Perspective In Storytelling

Column by Leah Dearborn April 18, 2016
Skilled writers perform a kind of optical illusion of the mind's eye, creating language that matches and expands upon our own real life experiences.

Kill Those Modifiers!

Column by Jon Gingerich January 30, 2013
The overuse of adjectives and adverbs can ruin sentences and flatten descriptive passages.

Writing Powerful Descriptions

Column by Jon Gingerich March 22, 2012
Why the best descriptions are the ones that are easily understood, yet leave a lasting impression on readers’ minds.