How to Hide Exposition Through Action

Column by Justin Hunter
"Show, don't tell," they say. But telling is necessary. It's just a matter of doing it right. Hide your exposition through action.

The Inauthenticity of a Fuckless World

Column by Justin Hunter
People curse. If your stories don't curse too, how authentic are you being to the world you are creating?

I Can’t Let You Go Without Tapping That Ass...One...More...Time: Revisiting 'Death Proof' Ten Years Later

Column by Max Booth III
Don't @ me, but this movie may have inspired me to become a writer.

6 Tips For Cleaning Up Your Dirty Words (Grammatically, Of Course)

Column by Holly Slater July 26, 2016
You don’t want your expletives to be too dirty. I mean, the fun kind of dirty, yes, but dirty, lousy with grammar and punctuation mistakes? No fuckin’ way.

10 Mistakes (Almost) Every Rookie Writer Makes — Part Two

Column by Susan DeFreitas June 24, 2016
Or, Stuff That Makes You Look Wet Behind the Ears, Part Two: The Craft Edition.

What Works & What Doesn't: 'Shaun of the Dead'

Column by Christopher Shultz
This instant classic from Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright features some of the best dialogue EVER written.

Writing Lessons from the Dead: Elmore Leonard

Column by Max Booth III August 7, 2014
Is Max losing his mind? Yeah, probably.

Write Like a Girl (or Guy)

Column by Kimberly Turner July 29, 2013
Let's talk about sex, baby... How do you write characters of the opposite sex who don't sound like a man doing a poor imitation of a woman, or vice versa? What are the real differences in how we talk?

The Benefits of Free Indirect Discourse

Column by Jon Gingerich August 23, 2012
Writers who find themselves wrestling with point-of-view problems may want to consider a technique that combines the best of two narrative modes.

Overcoming “Voice Anxiety”

Column by Jon Gingerich August 15, 2012
Writers stress themselves out over the idea of devising a unique, compelling voice in their writing. Here's why a lot of that anxiety is underserved.