The Voices of Trumpmerica

Column by Leah Dearborn
This is the first Independence Day under a new presidential administration, and it's unlikely to be one we'll forget.

8 Prescient Dystopian Shorts—in Short, We're F*#&ed!

Column by JS Breukelaar
Some dystopian tales to remind us to be careful what we wish for-—Heaven on Earth is just the B-side to End of Days.

It Could Be Worse: Five Nightmare Dystopias

Column by BH Shepherd
A look at some of the worst places to live from fiction, movies and games.

Bookshots: 'Central Station' by Lavie Tidhar

Review by BH Shepherd
A concise review of 'Central Station' by Lavie Tidhar.
Bookshots: 'Bats of the Republic' by Zachary Thomas Dodson

Bookshots: 'Bats of the Republic' by Zachary Thomas Dodson

Review by Leah Dearborn
After The Collapse, society has slowly rebuilt itself into an alternate reality where blood and heredity reign.

Human vs Technology: A Look at Digital-Era Dystopia

Column by Rob Blair Young June 23, 2014
I look at the world of digital-era dystopia and give my theory on why this sub-genre has seen so much success over the last few years.

Hurts So Good: Why We Love YA Dystopias

Column by Emma McMorran Clark March 21, 2014
With the release of 'Divergent,' the young ladies of YA dystopian fiction are poised to take over the box office once more. Where did this trend come from, and why are we supporting it?
 Bookshots: 'Ectopia' by Martin Goodman

Bookshots: 'Ectopia' by Martin Goodman

Review by Joshua Chaplinsky October 18, 2013
A review of the gender-bending dystopia set in a world without women.
‘Today’ Starts Book Club — Publishers “Giddy”

‘Today’ Starts Book Club — Publishers Giddy

News by Dean Fetzer
In what looks like a bid to become the next Oprah book club, the morning program on NBC has introduced a monthly book segment which has publishers all over-excited.

The Next Big Thing In YA

Column by Sarah Pitre June 15, 2012
Will dystopia continue to hog the throne of young adult literature, or will it pass the crown to a new trend?