15 Famous Authors I Wouldn't Want to Have a Beer With

Column by Gabino Iglesias August 1, 2017
I love authors. I love beer. I love having beers with authors. However, those rules don't apply to all authors. Here are fifteen I wouldn't want to share a beer with.

Book vs. Film: Fifty Shades of Grey

Column by Karina Wilson February 13, 2015
The inevitable adaptation of the publishing phenomenon hits theatres this week. Is it bad, bad-good, or good-good? How many beverages do you need to neck before viewing? Mistress Karina finds out.
Stephenie Meyer vs EL James

Twilight Author Stephenie Meyer Dismisses 50 Shades as 'Smutty'

News by Christopher Shultz March 12, 2013
Though previously supportive, Meyer now says the erotic series isn't her cup of tea, and feels it's fundamentally different from her own work.
E L James, ‘publishing person of the year’

Publishers Weekly Names E. L. James 'Publishing Person of the Year'

News by Dean Fetzer December 3, 2012
Yes, the end is nigh: the author of 'Fifty Shades of Grey' has been recognized for “making erotic fiction ‘hot’” by Publishers Weekly.

Fifty Shades of Pay: A Failed Attempt To Get Rich By Writing Erotica

Column by Jack Joslin June 28, 2012
Should we give E.L. James a little more credit? A hands-on attempt at mimicking her success by erotica...

10 Lessons Even You Can Learn From Fifty Shades Of Grey

Column by Hanna Brooks Olsen June 8, 2012
The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' trilogy has basically become a punchline in publishing, but even hardened writers can stand to learn a thing or two from this weird, kinky, literary train-wreck.