Maybe: The Empathy-Building Writing Prompt

Column by Peter Derk April 22, 2020
Want to write and live with empathy? Maybe there's a way.

Storyville: Sympathy for the Devil

Column by Richard Thomas
In order for your bad guys to truly resonate, we need to care about them, and feel strong emotions. Even if that emotion is hate.

Everybody Hates You: Using Empathy to Write Realistic Characters

Column by Max Booth III November 12, 2015
If you want any chance of writing believable characters and stories worth reading, then being able to empathize with all of your characters must be your top priority.

What the Fuck Are You Writing For?

Column by Cath Murphy August 27, 2015
People say they write for lots of reasons. All of them are lying. All of them are wrong.