The Footprint of Eraserhead Press

Column by Jay Wilburn
Eraserhead and its imprints have had a massive impact on the evolution of bizarro, splatterpunk, extreme horror and other boundary-pushing genres.

Is Bizarro Dead?

Column by Peter Derk
Has the beloved genre that reveled in the weird, the strange, the big, dark rooms of life breathed its last?

Anime Directors Whose Work Influenced "Cherry Blossom Eyes"

Column by S.T. Cartledge November 4, 2019
S.T. Cartledge's work draws not only from the realm of bizarro, but the surreal influence of anime as well.

Why Do So Many Indie Presses Fail?

Column by Gabino Iglesias
In the last three years, I've seen so many indie presses come and go that I've lost count. I asked some experts to help me figure out why.
Bookshots: 'Drag Queen Dino Fighters' by MP Johnson

Bookshots: 'Drag Queen Dino Fighters' by MP Johnson

Review by Christoph Paul June 1, 2017
A Bookshot review of Drag Queen Dino Fighters