10 Questions, Classes, Delilah S. Dawson, Interview

10 Questions with Blud Series Author and LitReactor Instructor Delilah S. Dawson

Interview by Rob Hart March 26, 2014
Delilah S. Dawson, instructor of our upcoming class BECOME A GOD, dishes on her self-publishing venture, her writing process, and celebrating a book deal by feasting on rabbit.

‘Good Sex, Great Prayers’: A Journey in Publication (Part 6: Pre-order and Print Copies)

Column by Brandon Tietz
'Good Sex, Great Prayers' moves out of the production stage and onto pre-order.
Anne Rice

Anne Rice Returning To The Erotica Scene

News by Nathan Scalia
Anne Rice to once again take up the pen name A.N. Roquelaure for her return to erotica.

The Do's And Dont's Of Writing Erotic Fiction

Column by Elissa Wald October 9, 2013
A list of ten tips for writing Erotic Fiction, by the author of 'The Secret Lives of Married Women.'

Cum for Bigfoot: A Sexy Self Publishing Success Story

Column by Virginia Wade June 12, 2013
Virginia Wade, author of the successful "Cum For Bigfoot" series, talks erotica, self publishing and the joys of ape-sex.

'Good Sex, Great Prayers': A Journey in Publication (Part 5: Editing and Beta Reading)

Column by Brandon Tietz
The first draft of the novel is now complete. So what's next?
Chad Leslie Peters Craigslist

Erotica Author Places Craigslist Ad Seeking Partner For An Affair

News by Christopher Shultz April 24, 2013
Chad Leslie Peters wants to write what he knows, and he needs a little help to do it...

'Good Sex, Great Prayers': A Journey in Publication (Part 4: Spinning Plates)

Column by Brandon Tietz March 28, 2013
In this installment we'll examine the hardships of not meeting your deadline, how to stay relevant while you write, and promoting when you have nothing to promote.
Next E.L. James Novel to be Less Raunchy

Next E.L. James Novel to be Less Raunchy

News by Dean Fetzer February 28, 2013
Fans of the ‘Fifty Shades…’ trilogy are likely to be disappointed to hear that the author plans to move away from the series — she may even publish under a different name!
Averil Dean, Between the Sheets, Erotica, Interview

10 Questions with Erotica Writer Averil Dean

Interview by Rob Hart January 28, 2013
Averil Dean is the author of the erotic psychological thriller, 'Tapestry of Scars', to be released next year. She's also teaching our first erotica-writing class! She's a cool lady. Check it out.
Schooled by Deena Bright

Ohio School Teacher Faces Stiff Punishment for Writing an Erotic Novel

News by Christopher Shultz December 13, 2012
The teaching career of one Carol Ann Eastman is on shaky ground. Will her writing career take off as a result?
Reflected in You - Sylvia Day

New Erotic Novel Sells 100,000 Copies in First Week

News by Dean Fetzer November 6, 2012
An erotic novel in a similar vein to 'Fifty Shades of Grey' has stormed the bestseller charts in its first week.

Fifty Shades of Inattention: An Open Letter To The Husbands and Boyfriends of America

Column by Keith Rawson September 21, 2012
For the love of God, people, we need to stop the further spread of 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and elevate the level of literary sleaze in the average American household!
'The Juliette Brigade' by Sasha Grey

Former Porn Star Sasha Grey Will Publish A Novel Described As An Erotic, Female-Driven 'Fight Club'

News by Rob Hart September 21, 2012
Sasha Grey, an actress, model, musician, and former porn star, has added 'author' to her resume. Her first novel will be called 'The Juliette Brigade'.

Scandalous! Is 50 Shades of Grey Better Than You Think It Is?

Column by Meredith Borders July 27, 2012
It's easy to give flak to the erotic eBook that started its life as TWILIGHT fan fiction. But is it fair?

Fifty Shades of Pay: A Failed Attempt To Get Rich By Writing Erotica

Column by Jack Joslin June 28, 2012
Should we give E.L. James a little more credit? A hands-on attempt at mimicking her success by erotica...
WSJ: eReaders Let Tramps Read Dirty Lit

WSJ: eReaders Let Trampy Tramps Read All The Dirty Lit They Want (Which Is A Lot)

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen
Here's something that doesn't suck about eReaders: it allows women to read whatever dirty, dirty literature they want, without fear of being scorned by judgmental commuters or co-workers.
Erotica Section of Amazon Rife with Plagiarism

Is Nothing Sacred? Self-Published Erotica Section of Amazon Rife with Plagiarism

News by John Jarzemsky January 26, 2012
Amazon's self-published erotica section is rife with plagiarism.

The Wild West World of eBook Only Erotica (NSFW)

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky December 19, 2011
Is the eReader the new Internet when it comes to get-rich-quick porn?