Tales from the Shadow Booth, Dan Coxon, Being Dad

An Interview with Author-Editor Dan Coxon

Interview by Annie Neugebauer
An interview with Dan Coxon--an award-winning editor, author, copy-editor and proofreader--about his fields, genres, and new weird literary journal, "Tales From the Shadow Booth."

My Father, the Transcriptionist

Column by Max Booth III November 2, 2017
In the first year that I became obsessed with being a writer, my father took employment as my transcriptionist.

Locked Up: Books For My Father

Column by Peter Derk October 14, 2014
An article in which a son decides whether he should send books to his estranged, imprisoned father.

Father Figures: Father-Child Relationships in Fantasy Fiction

Column by Rajan Khanna June 14, 2013
With Father's Day coming up we look at the various father-child relationships in fantasy.