Storyville: 10 Tips on How to Be a Good Critique Partner

Column by Richard Thomas
Advice on how to be a good critique partner, no matter what the situation.

5 Signs Your Reading Partner Is A Dud

Column by Lisa Bubert
I have plenty of dear friends and long-time pals on my “do not send” list. It’s not personal. It’s about finding what serves your work best.

What My Tattoo Artist Taught Me About Writing Critique

Column by Lisa Bubert
...or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Trust My Tattoo Artist.

How IRL Writing Friends Make This Whole Journey A Million Times Better

Column by Karis Rogerson
It wasn't always easy for Karis Rogerson to find writer friends outside of the internet, but now that she's changed everything (for the better).

Is Crosstalk Killing Your Feedback?

Column by Peter Derk September 20, 2018
What is crosstalk, and how is it ruining your workshop?

What Playing Pickleball Taught Me About Writing

Column by Christoph Paul August 27, 2018
What a new sport taught me about my craft.

Writing: An (Unfortunate) Exercise in Trust

Column by Annie Neugebauer June 7, 2017
What does trust have to do with writing? Well, unfortunately for those with trust issues, pretty much everything. Love it or hate it, it permeates every facet of the gig.

The Basics of Starting a Writing Group

Column by Daniel Hope August 27, 2014
A few essential steps that will give your writing group (and consequently your writing) the best chance of success.
The First Draft

The First Draft

Essay by Max Barry April 23, 2012