On Becoming Nightbitch

On Becoming Nightbitch

Review by Stephanie M. Wytovich, MFA
A reflection on "Nightbitch" by Rachel Yoder that explores female rage and the importance of unapologetic women in fiction.

When the Answer Isn't Always Edgar Allan Poe

Column by Stephanie M. Wytovich, MFA
This essay encourages readers and writers alike to bridge the gap between literary and genre in order to find horror in unsuspecting places.

Why Boys And Men Should 100 Percent Read "Little Women"

Column by Christopher Shultz
Louisa May Alcott's novel is beloved among girls and women, but dudes should love it just as much.

Women Are Reclaiming and Perfecting The Rape Revenge Narrative

Column by Christopher Shultz
Women writers are carving important narratives out of an exploitative subgenre.

Books That Are Feminist AF: Back-to-School Edition

Column by Susan DeFreitas September 11, 2019
Finished with fluffy beach reads? Get schooled this fall with books that are feminist AF but just as fun.

The Feminist Fairy Tale of Captain Marvel

Column by BH Shepherd
"Captain Marvel" is not just a woman superhero movie, but a superhero movie about being a woman.

150 Years Later, ‘Little Women’ Is Still The Biggest Of Deals

Column by Meredith Borders
On its sesquicentennial, Louisa May Alcott’s novel is still challenging readers.

8 Recently Published Books That Are Feminist AF

Column by Susan DeFreitas June 13, 2018
The Trump era has been marked by abortion restrictions, gag rules, #timesup, and pussy hats--and now, a historic number of women running for office. These recently pubbed books are 100% zeitgeist.
Tiffany Scandal on 'Nasty!', A Collection Of Essays From Fierce Women

Tiffany Scandal on 'Nasty!', A Collection Of Essays From Fierce Women

Interview by Rob Hart January 19, 2018
'Nasty!', available now from King Shot Press, is a kick-ass collection of essays about body positivity, sexual empowerment, overcoming adversity, and more... and it's all for a good cause.

Emma: The Feminist Hero I Never Knew She Was

Column by Karis Rogerson
In which one newly feminist reader examines just why Jane Austen's "Emma" is a work of feminist art.

The Surprising Feminism of Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla'

Column by Bart Bishop
A look at the importance of women in the fifth Dark Tower book.

5 Bad-Ass Women Writing the West

Column by Susan DeFreitas June 15, 2017
Forget Louis L'Amour, and even Ivan Doig--the best, most bad-ass fiction of the American West is being written by women.

Ramona Quimby and A Head Full of Ghostbusters: When Men Write Women

Column by Bart Bishop July 15, 2016
A look at when men write women versus when women write women, and what it means to be a feminist "ally".

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Writing Gender-Neutral

Column by Taylor Houston November 13, 2015
It's actually not that hard to write more inclusively, but it's more important now than ever to TRY.

How Male Entitlement Ruins the Best and Purest of Things

Column by Cath Murphy November 10, 2014
This year male entitlement has fucked up football, video games, pop music, atheism and the childhood of anyone who watched Rolf Harris on TV. Now it's fucked up writing. Why am I not surprised?
Olivia Gone Wilde: Can A Writer Be Too Hot?

Olivia Gone Wilde: Can A Writer Be Too Hot?

News by Peter Derk June 27, 2014
A GQ review for the movie 'Third Person' says Olivia Wilde's butt is too nice for her to be believable as a writer.

Dystropia: How The Damsel in Distress Has Evolved

Column by Troy Farah October 31, 2013
From ancient Greek myths to Snow White to today, Dystropia looks at the trope of the Damsel in Distress.
Sushmita Banerjee

Author Sushmita Banerjee Killed In Afghanistan

News by Christopher Shultz September 11, 2013
Critical of the Taliban government and an advocate for women's rights, Banerjee's murder is unfortunately one of many in the country.
Jane Austen £10 note

Jane Austen to Appear on British Currency in 2017

News by Christopher Shultz
After a campaign demanding the Bank of England diversify the historical figures gracing bank notes, the 'Pride and Prejudice' author was announced as the next £10 portrait.

Transgressive Women: How Bad Covers And Sexism Threaten All Of Literature

Column by Jack Joslin August 9, 2012
An examination of the poor handling of great female writers stems from questioning one's own ignorance: Why the hell do I never read books by women?

Scandalous! Is Edward Rochester A Feminist?

Column by Meredith Borders June 29, 2012
Welcome to a new column here at LitReactor in which Meredith boldly voices an unpopular opinion about a beloved novel.

Why I'd Rather Be Unpublished Than Considered "Beach Reading"

Column by Hanna Brooks Olsen June 20, 2012
Booksellers are busy moving their best prose to the back of the store, and setting up displays of colorful paperbacks that have been categorized in a most offensive way: "beach reading."
WSJ: eReaders Let Tramps Read Dirty Lit

WSJ: eReaders Let Trampy Tramps Read All The Dirty Lit They Want (Which Is A Lot)

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen
Here's something that doesn't suck about eReaders: it allows women to read whatever dirty, dirty literature they want, without fear of being scorned by judgmental commuters or co-workers.

The Girlie Show: Are Literary Women Finally Getting The Recognition They Deserve?

Column by Hanna Brooks Olsen February 3, 2012
In 2010, a series of infographics reminded the literary and publishing world how male-dominated the industry is. Does the success of books written by and featuring females in 2011 change all that?