The Psychogeography of Crime Fiction

Column by Gabino Iglesias June 28, 2018
Psychogeography may be the most important element in modern crime fiction, and the one you're paying the least attention to.

What Do We Call “The Middle East”?

Column by Adam Valen Levinson
Author Adam Valen Levinson tells us, it depends how well you know roses.

My Own Kind of Beautiful: How Geography Affects the Writing Process

Column by J. David Osborne July 27, 2017
Is there a link between where a writer comes from and the type of work they produce? Can moving to a new place disrupt that production?

As A Writer, Does It Matter Where You Live?

Column by Rob Hart July 18, 2012
Martin Amis moved to Brooklyn, leading The Economist to cream itself and declare Brooklyn the new frontier of literature. Besides being a few years behind the curve, does where you live even matter?