Death to Stars: Why I Won't Use Stars to Rate Books Anymore

Column by Sadie Hartmann February 28, 2022
In 2021, I gave my last star rating. In this opinion piece, I will share my experience with the system and why I chose to eliminate it from my book reviews.

Goodreads: A History of Where It All Went Wrong

Column by Peter Derk August 3, 2021
Is Goodreads a hellhole, a paradise, or a neglected middle-class neighborhood?

How To Help Indie Authors Without Spending A Penny

Column by Andrew Fowlow April 7, 2021
There are things you can start doing right now that will have a huge impact on an indie author and it won't even cost you a penny.

Goodreads Dumps Twitter Functionality

Column by Andrew Fowlow January 7, 2021
The world’s largest community of book lovers is removing its automated Twitter functionality, leaving patrons of the site confused. Why is the social giant taking steps detrimental to indie authors?

New Year, New Queue: Taming that TBR

Column by Annie Neugebauer
Whether you use Goodreads, a notebook, a holds system, or just stacks of books, here are some organization tips to cut the clutter and find those books you really want to get to soon.

Meet the Reviewers Keeping Indie Lit Alive

Column by Max Booth III
We're spotlighting some of our favorite indie book reviewers.

10 Resolutions to Help Make 2018 Your Best Reading Year Ever

Column by Gabino Iglesias January 2, 2018
A new year brings a new opportunity to take your reading to the next level. Here are some resolutions that could help you do just that.

13 Ways to Support an Author Without Ever Spending a Dime

Column by Steph Post April 18, 2017
A list of ways for readers to support their favorite authors without spending money on books.

5 Reasons To Keep A Record Of What You Read

Column by Christine J. Schmidt November 10, 2016
Add another level to your reading ritual by keeping a record of what you read.

A Book Reviewer's Bill Of Rights

Column by Peter Derk October 12, 2016
Can you trash a book? Smack Talk an author? These 10 amendments make up the book reviewer's Bill of Rights.

7 Things That Are Ruining Amateur Book Reviews

Column by Peter Derk August 18, 2016
Are you an amateur book reviewer? Are you making these mistakes? Because if you are, I really don't like you.

When You No Longer Have Room For Another Bookshelf: Confessions of a Book Addict

Column by Max Booth III January 19, 2016
A guide to living a healthier book-buying life.
Goodreads Announces 2015 Choice Award Winners

Goodreads Announces 2015 Choice Award Winners

News by Riki Cleveland December 2, 2015
'The Girl on the Train' and 'Go Set A Watchman' win big in the 2015 Goodreads Choice Awards.

Do It Right, Write Plotless Reviews

Column by Peter Derk
If you're writing plot-heavy book reviews, you're blowing it. Find out how to do it right.
Salman Rushdie Uses Goodreads, Is Old

Salman Rushdie Uses Goodreads, Is Old

News by Peter Derk April 7, 2015
Salman Rushdie. Confused old man or book-world hero?

Where To Buy Cheap eBooks

Column by Christopher Shultz December 4, 2014
Here are some of the best places to shop if you're looking for non-paper-based books at discounted prices.
Author Confronts One-Star Reviewer

Author Confronts One-Star Reviewer, Confirms That This Is A Terrible Idea

News by Peter Derk October 21, 2014
Author Kathleen Hale pursued a person who gave her a 1-star review. Conclusion: everyone is horrible.

I’LL KILL YOU! Amazon, Goodreads, and the Death of Criticism

Column by Keith Rawson January 27, 2014
Do Amazon and Goodreads reviews suck or is Keith Rawson just an a$$hole? Or maybe a little of both?
Goodreads Author Program Hits 100,000 Users

Goodreads Author Program Hits 100,000 Users

News by Sean May
The popular book-based social network now counts over 100,000 verified authors within its ranks.

Goodreads Celebrates 25 Million Members

News by Nathan Scalia
Amazon's Goodreads recently passed the 25 million member mark.
Winners of Goodreads Choice Awards Announced

Winners of Goodreads Choice Awards Announced

News by Dean Fetzer
Khaled Hosseini, Margaret Atwood, J.R.R. Tolkien and Neil Gaiman among the winners announced yesterday of Goodreads’ annual awards — did your favorite win?
Voting for Goodreads Choice Awards Now Open

Voting for Goodreads Choice Awards Now Open

News by Dean Fetzer
It’s obviously that time of year again — time to go vote for your favorite books. And vote. And vote again.
Kindle Matchbook

UPDATED - Big News From Amazon: Matchbook And GoodReads Integration

News by Christopher Shultz October 29, 2013
In a move sure to excite and annoy, Amazon to offer free/cheap eBook downloads of physical book purchases, plus direct access to GoodReads on the new Paperwhites.
New Goodreads Policy Ruffles Feathers — But is it Censorship?

New Goodreads Policy Ruffles Feathers — But is it Censorship?

News by Dean Fetzer September 25, 2013
In a controversial move, the social book networking site has started targeting reviews and ‘shelves’ which focus on an ‘author’s behavior’, rather than on their books.