Why We Take Grammar So Personally

Column by Peter Derk November 5, 2021
Your an idiot! No, YOUS the idiot! Why does every grammar discussion get so personal?

Ten Editing Tricks that Will Make Your Writing Better

Column by Gabino Iglesias September 23, 2020
After the writing comes the editing, and that's where a lot of writers struggle. Here are ten tricks to help you improve your process.

10 Gems From 100 Years of 'The Elements of Style'

Column by Peter Derk July 20, 2020
Does a century-old book of writing advice still apply?

10 Things You Didn't Know About Noah Webster, the Inventor of American English

Column by Taylor Houston October 16, 2018
Happy 260th Birthday to the man whose name is synonymous with “Go Look It Up!” (Which is the pre-cursor to today’s “Google It!”)

My Book Arrived in Good Condition, But the Writing Was Terrible

Column by J. David Osborne
What makes a good book review good? We investigate by looking at the different genres of "bad Amazon review."

10 Easy Ways to Improve Your First Chapter Right Now

Column by Repo Kempt
Learn how to identify and fix common problems in your opening chapter.

The Top 10 LitReactor Columns of All Time

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky October 4, 2017
LitReactor is officially 6 years old! We celebrate with a collection of our greatest hits.

10 Easy Edits to Improve Your Manuscript Right Now

Column by Repo Kempt August 28, 2017
A list of ten simple edits that can immediately improve whatever writing you're working on.

Why We Love To Hate Grammarians

Column by Peter Derk February 16, 2017
Are you the office grammarian? Are you the one correcting people at family dinners? Wanna know why we hate you?

HAPPY GRAMMAR DAY: 10 Facts About Grammar You Can Use to Annoy Your Loved Ones

Column by Taylor Houston March 4, 2016
OK, so they aren't facts, and they are not all grammar-related, but most of your loved ones will just want you to shut up anyway.

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Writing Gender-Neutral

Column by Taylor Houston November 13, 2015
It's actually not that hard to write more inclusively, but it's more important now than ever to TRY.

Seven Grammar Tools to Love

Column by Taylor Houston February 13, 2015
Grammar gets a bad rap, but some grammar rules are actually there to HELP you. Here are seven tools I have learned to love.

You're—I mean YOUR—Complete Grammarian Gift Guide

Column by Taylor Houston
10 Gifts for the Oxford-Comma-Obsessed Word Nerd in your life.
Making Sense of Brainiac Steven Pinker's New Book on Writing

Making Sense of Brainiac Steven Pinker's New Book on Writing

Review by Taylor Houston November 24, 2014
Eeee!!! A NEW STYLE GUIDE HAS ARRIVED – or has it?

The 5 Scariest Grammar Issues: Your Guide to Fearless Writing

Column by Susan DeFreitas October 24, 2014
No matter how accomplished you are as a writer, chances are, there's at least one grammar issue that scares the living bejeezus out of you. Now is the time to slay it once and for all.

Typos: Funny or Foul?

Column by Taylor Houston July 22, 2014
Typos are a part of everyday life, but sometimes they can be downright dangerous. Here are three types, from the innocent to the egregious!
Weird Al 'Word Crimes'

Weird Al’s Grammatically Correct ‘Word Crimes’ Parodies ‘Blurred Lines’

News by Riki Cleveland
Weird Al Yankovic parodies 'Blurred Lines' with the grammatically correct 'Word Crimes.'

Ask the Grammarian: How "snuck" sneaked in...

Column by Taylor Houston February 24, 2014
How "snuck" sneaked into the English language and we totally let it.
Googling "Literally"

Relatively Literal: Dictionaries Grudgingly Accepting Common Use Of "Literally"

News by Nathan Scalia August 13, 2013
Google joins the crowd of dictionaries that are accepting the word "literally" to mean "not literally."
professor asks for grammar pedants to relax

Professor of English Calls on the Grammar Police to Relax

News by Dean Fetzer May 30, 2013
Simon Horobin, a professor of English at Magdalen College, Oxford, shocked an audience at the Hay Festival when he suggested the spelling of “they’re”, “their” and “there” could be standardized.

Twitter: Destructor Of Grammar Or Awesome Word Factory?

Column by Kimberly Turner February 28, 2013
Is Twitter's inescapable deluge of 140-character blurbs massacring English as we know it or pushing us to write tighter, more concise copy?

10 Grammar & Usage-Related New Year’s Resolutions

Column by Taylor Houston December 31, 2012
So you swore off sugar in the new year, but did you resolve to stop using 'they' to refer to a single subject? You should. Here are 10 grammar and usage resolutions for 2013.

The Secret Lives Of Little Words

Column by Kimberly Turner September 26, 2012
What's that word doing there? When it comes to spoken language, nothing is accidental. Linguists are working on finding meaning in every 'oh,' 'um,' 'well,' and 'okay.' The results might surprise you.

Two More Comma Rules You Oughta Know!

Column by Taylor Houston July 18, 2012
Two more comma rules that every writer should learn.