Why We Love To Hate Grammarians

Column by Peter Derk February 16, 2017
Are you the office grammarian? Are you the one correcting people at family dinners? Wanna know why we hate you?

5 Things the Grammar Nazis Get Wrong

Column by Susan DeFreitas July 10, 2015
The Grammar Nazi's mission in life is to point out all the ways that you, the writer, have managed to butcher the English language. Sometimes those people are right. But sometimes they're wrong.
Man threatens to blow up misspelled sign

Oregon Man Threatens to Blow Up Misspelled Sign

News by Dean Fetzer May 31, 2013
A local man told staff in the office of Teacher Standards and Practices Commission in Salem the he’d tried to blow up their misspelled sign with the pressure cooker bomb he was carrying.

10 More Words You Literally Didn't Know You Were Getting Wrong

Column by Taylor Houston March 15, 2013
We hit it out of the park last October by giving you ten words you were probably using wrong. Well, here are ten more.

How the Superheroes of Literature can save you from the Grammar Nazis

Column by Cath Murphy February 22, 2013
Who can save the planet from the deadly Grammar Nazis? The Superheroes of Literature, that's who!