UPDATED WITH WINNERS - LitReactor's Flash Fiction Smackdown: Kanye West—Reanimator Edition

Column by Taylor Houston October 30, 2015
Yeezus and H.P. You CAN'T get any better than that. Well, you can try. Here's your chance.
Bookshots: 'Lovecraft's Monsters' edited by Ellen Datlow

Bookshots: 'Lovecraft's Monsters' edited by Ellen Datlow

Review by Rajan Khanna
In 'Lovecraft's Monsters,' editor Ellen Datlow manages to avoid pastiche and keep the stories fresh while still honoring H. P. Lovecraft's legacy.

Beyond the Zombie: Something Ominous is Missing from Horror Fiction

Column by Jack Joslin February 8, 2012
An analysis of what's missing in our conception of "horror" — should we drop zombies and vampires and return to the essence of being terrified?