The Hack-Dad Chronicles: Friends Are Better With Drugs

Column by Keith Rawson February 20, 2018
Repeat after me: Drinking and drugging gets you NOWHERE!

The Hack-Dad Chronicles: All Work and No Play

Column by Keith Rawson January 18, 2018
Hooray! The Hack-Dad Chronicles are back! What the hell are the Hack-Dad Chronicles?

Hack Dad’s No Good Very Bad Day

Column by Keith Rawson May 24, 2017
Hack Dad gets all whiny and complain-y about life not going how he wants it to.

The Hack Chronicles—The Dadonauts: Time Management

Column by Keith Rawson
Oh, boy! It's time to talk about how to schedule your writing day around your little darlings!

Hack Dad’s Revenge: Boredom

Column by Keith Rawson March 20, 2017
It's the dramatic return of hack dad!

Confessions Of A Stay-at-Home Hack: An Introduction*

Column by Keith Rawson February 24, 2017
Hey, it's a column about writing and parenting! Hooray!