Why Every Author Should Write Haiku

Column by Jay Wilburn
There are important things prose authors can learn by experimenting with haiku. It is an easy artform to take up, but difficult to master.

A Traditional Form Poetry Starter Pack

Column by Annie Neugebauer
Interested in experimenting with traditional form poetry but not sure where to start, or if you'll like it? Suggestions for poets who want to avoid rhyme, avoid meter, keep it quick, or just have fun.

Finding the Big in the Very Small with Tanka Poetry

Column by Leah Dearborn December 18, 2014
Tanka poets have a unique way of perfectly freezing a moment in time, of turning a short impression into a story of five lines.

Art and the Aphorism

Column by Jon Gingerich September 12, 2012
Love them or hate them, writers can learn a lot about sentence structure and wordplay by experimenting with the timeless artform of the aphorism.

Hashtag Haiku: #funwithshortforms

Column by Taylor Houston December 12, 2011
Take a break from all that serious writing to play with a couple short forms--one old, one new.