Genius Works of Art: How Are Masterpieces Made?

Column by Annie Neugebauer April 2, 2018
Are masterpieces built step by step, or are they executed in a bolt of inspiration? A look at 3 case studies: Eminem’s “Lose yourself,” Michelangelo’s David, & Mark Z. Danielewski’s 'House of Leaves'.

10 Books About Fictional Films and Filmmakers

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky February 23, 2017
Fiction is stranger than truth in these fabricated cinematic histories.

'Haunted', the Album inspired by Mark Z. Danielewski's 'House of Leaves'

Column by Bart Bishop
A comparison of Mark Z. Danielewski's book 'House of Leaves' and Poe's album 'Haunted'.

Footnotes: 'King Lear' and 9 More Books Masquerading in Other Genres

Column by Ryan Peverly October 20, 2014
Browse a bookshelf and chances are you'll find several titles that aren't exactly as they appear — books in costume, masquerading in one genre when they're really something else entirely.
Mark Z. Danielewski Wants Your Cat Pictures!

Mark Z. Danielewski Wants Your Cat Pictures! Also, Sketchy New Details On 'The Familiar'

News by Peter Derk
Mark Z. Danielewski is asking readers to send in cat pictures for his new project, 'The Familiar.'

I Hate You...No, Wait, I Love You! 5 Literary 180s

Column by Christine J. Schmidt May 29, 2014
These books redeemed themselves by being fantastic all along...

Book Brawl: House of Leaves vs. Night Film

Column by Cath Murphy November 22, 2013
Marisha Pessl's horror novel "Night Film" has sparked comparisons to Mark Danielewski's "House of Leaves," mostly unfavorable. But is the comparison even justified?

Post-Mortem: 'House of Leaves' by Mark Z. Danielewski

Column by Kasey Carpenter February 17, 2012
An autopsy of Mark Danielewski's 'House of Leaves,' a book you could teach an entire college course on.