10 Soul-Crushing Things About Writing in 2014

Column by Phil Jourdan August 14, 2014
Find it hard promoting yourself, dealing with incompetent online reviewers, or taking writing advice from viral marketers? You're not alone.

Path to Publication 3.0: I Have A Book Deal Again!

Column by Rob Hart August 5, 2014
Time to put the gears of war back into motion.
Amazon's New Digital Battle Plan

All Your Money Are Belong To Us: Amazon's New Digital Battle Plan

News by Peter Derk July 16, 2014
Amazon is testing a Netflix-style service for eBooks and audio eBooks.

Lawyers: Pros or Cons? Part 2 — Why You Should Love Lawyers

Column by Jessica Meddows
Lawyers have a bad reputation. Ed talked about why you should hate them, now I explain why you should love them.

Lawyers: Pros or Cons? Part 1 — Why Lawyers Suck

Column by Ed Sikov July 16, 2014
Lawyers are supposed to protect writers from lawsuits, but really they just get in the way.

The Five Predicted Outcomes of Hachette vs. Amazon

Column by Daniel Hope July 2, 2014
There are plenty of ideas about what will happen as a result of the Hachette and Amazon negotiations. We breakdown the most common predictions.

Does Size Matter? A Treatise on Big Books

Column by Leah Dearborn June 24, 2014
They say not to judge a book by its cover, but what about the thickness of its binding?

Good Sex, Great Prayers: A Journey in Publication (Part 7: Release Party, Reviews, and a Fond Farewell)

Column by Brandon Tietz June 23, 2014
The seventh and final installment of the "Good Sex, Great Prayers" series covers the release party, reviews, and parting thoughts of the author.

Be Cool: How Not To Be a Diva Debut Author

Column by Erin Reel June 20, 2014
The transition from unknown writer to debut author can be a socially awkward one. Inevitably, you're bound to make a few faux pas. Make enough of them and you bear the risk of being labeled a "Diva."

Digital Piracy Is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Us, Said No Writer, Ever. 6 Reasons It's a Bigger Threat Than You Think

Column by Naturi Thomas-Millard April 29, 2014
Illegal downloads of an author's work are a necessary evil, free PR, and goshdarnit! downright flattering. Meanwhile, somewhere, a pirate is laughing...
Amazon Angers Fans With Comixology Changes

Amazon Angers Fans With Comixology Changes

News by Sean May April 29, 2014
Less than a month after Amazon's acquisition of the digital comics giant, the company has removed the ability to purchase comics via Comixology's iOS app, to avoid paying Apple a commission.

Indie Press Spotlight: Red Hen Press

Column by Brian McGackin
Meet your new favorite Indie Press.
Amazon Buys Comixology

Amazon Buys Comixology, Expands Literature Empire (Again)

News by Sean May April 11, 2014
The media giant has announced that they are purchasing digital comics platform Comixology, in a deal that will expand Amazon's already pervasive reach in the literary world.
Amazon Plans On Shipping You Books Before You Even Order Them

Amazon Plans On Shipping You Books Before You Even Order Them

News by Sean May January 21, 2014
The shopping giant has filed a patent for "anticipatory shipping", with plans to box or even ship items before an order is placed.
Barnes & Noble's Holiday Sales Numbers Were Bad.

Barnes & Noble's Holiday Sales Numbers Were Bad. Very Bad.

News by Rob Hart January 10, 2014
Barnes & Noble saw big drops in holiday spending across the board, and closed a big flagship Manhattan location. Will appointing a new CEO breathe some life into the struggling bookseller?
In Soviet Russia: eReader Data Can Change How We Write

In Soviet Russia: eReader Data Can Change How We Write

News by Nathan Scalia
eBooks are reading the readers by collecting data over reading habits. How is this changing the writing landscape?

Exploring the Digital Wilds: Expanding Our Approach to Novels

Column by Rob Blair Young December 27, 2013
The new frontiers of the digital world are changing the way we think about stories. This article dives into some of the new storytelling formats of the internet era.

Freelancing: The Art of Saying Yes

Column by Leah Rhyne December 26, 2013
A freelance career is all about saying "yes." How taking some chances can have unexpected payoffs.

2014: A Retrospective of the Year in Books

Column by Cath Murphy December 23, 2013
Tired of 2013? Step into my time machine, fast forward a year and find out what happened on the literary scene in 2014.
Lawsuit by Indie Booksellers Against Amazon Dismissed

Lawsuit by Indie Booksellers Against Amazon Dismissed

News by Dean Fetzer
Another day, another lawsuit ends in a result for the online retail giant and the big six publishers — down to the wording of the allegations.

Elan Gale, Viral Narrative, and Why It Matters

Column by John Jarzemsky December 11, 2013
Over Thanksgiving, reality television producer Elan Gale generated the most successful narrative on the web — and it was all a lie. Does it matter?
‘Bookish Tech Startup’ Small Demons to Close if Buyer Not Found

‘Bookish Tech Startup’ Small Demons to Close if Buyer Not Found

News by Dean Fetzer November 7, 2013
The Los Angeles based company, founded by Yahoo! veteran Valla Valkili, will close on the 25th of November if it can’t find an investor.
Philip Hensher

Philip Hensher Refuses To Write For Free, Debate Ensues

News by Christopher Shultz October 15, 2013
The author turned down an unpaid essay gig and received ridicule, prompting a Facebook bite-back and a flood of support.
Oyster App

Oyster: The Netflix For eBooks?

News by Christopher Shultz September 9, 2013
For about ten bucks a month, you can access over 100,000 books via your iPhone. Sounds a lot like Netflix to me, but will it catch on?

How NOT to Get an Agent (And What to Do After You Get One)

Column by Ed Sikov August 21, 2013
A handy guide to getting and keeping an agent.