5 Crazy Book Stunts You May Or May Not Want To Try

Column by Emmanuel Nataf May 4, 2018
Sometimes writers get creative outside of their stories. Here are five of the wackiest book marketing campaigns authors have cooked up for their books.

Six Lessons I Learned Co-Writing A Novella With James Patterson

Column by Rob Hart October 3, 2017
'New Yorked' and 'The Woman from Prague' author Rob Hart wrote a BookShot novella with James Patterson. 'Scott Free' is out today, and he shared some lessons he learned from the process.

15 Famous Authors I Wouldn't Want to Have a Beer With

Column by Gabino Iglesias August 1, 2017
I love authors. I love beer. I love having beers with authors. However, those rules don't apply to all authors. Here are fifteen I wouldn't want to share a beer with.
James Patterson Is The World's Third-Richest Celebrity

James Patterson Is The World's Third-Richest Celebrity

News by Peter Derk July 13, 2016
James Patterson is richer than you. Unless you're Taylor Swift or a member of One Direction.

James Patterson: The Best Author I've Never Read

Column by Peter Derk July 5, 2016
Maybe you should stop and think before you start shitting on James Patterson.

Eight Tips For Increasing Your Writing Output, From A Very Busy Writer

Column by Rob Hart May 4, 2016
Want to boost your productivity? Rob Hart (author of two novels, two upcoming novels, a James Patterson novella, holder of two jobs, and father to a new baby) offers some insight.

A Rose By Any Other Name: 5 Episodes of Literary Mistaken Identity

Column by Leah Dearborn
Sometimes authors willingly direct readers away from their true identities. Occasionally, however, issues of authorship and identity are more complex or decidedly less purposeful.

Tis the Season...For Murder: 6 Holiday Murder Mysteries

Column by Riki Cleveland
While most people are baking the Christmas ham and trimming the tree, you could be settling in with murder and mayhem with these six holiday murder mysteries.
Put Some Cash In Your Favorite Bookseller's Pocket, Care of James Patterson

Put Some Holiday Cash In Your Favorite Bookseller's Pocket, Courtesy of James Patterson

News by Peter Derk October 7, 2015
Have a favorite bookseller? Let James Patterson give them a holiday bonus.
James Patterson Launches Children’s Book Imprint

James Patterson Launches Children’s Book Imprint

News by Raine Winters
Jimmy Patters will publish books while keeping charity in mind.
James Patterson Plans $1million Donation to Indie Bookshops

James Patterson Plans $1 million Donation to Indie Bookshops

News by Dean Fetzer
On CBS This Morning, the bestselling author announced plans to donate $1 million of his own money to independent bookstores around the U.S.
E.L. James Tops List of Top-Earning Authors

Keeping Up with the Jameses: Forbes' List of Top-Earning Authors

News by Dean Fetzer August 14, 2013
Forbes’ list of the world’s top-selling authors is out this week, with the ‘Fifty Shades…’ author debuting at number one.

Eating Babies: Boundaries for Writers in Fiction

Column by Cath Murphy June 27, 2013
Pushing the boundaries is what good fiction does. But are there some lines we as writers should never cross?
James Patterson Calls for Government Bailout of Publishing Industry

James Patterson Calls for Government Bailout of Publishing Industry

News by Dean Fetzer April 25, 2013
In two high-profile ads this week, the bestselling author has called for a government intervention in the decline of the book trade.
ChapterShare Facebook App

Hachette Launches ChapterShare Facebook App

News by Kimberly Turner May 24, 2012
ChapterShare, a new Facebook app by Hachette Book Group, lets you read, share, and buy upcoming books.