A Conversation with Joshua Mohr About Mortality, Cheery Nihilism, And His New Me

A Conversation with Joshua Mohr About Mortality, Cheery Nihilism, and His New Memoir 'Model Citizen'

Interview by Rob Hart April 29, 2021
Rob Hart and Joshua Mohr have a Zoom date to discuss Mohr's new memoir, 'Model Citizen,' in which the novelist explores fatherhood, mortality, sobriety, and the heart defect that nearly killed him.
Bookshots: 'Sirens' by Joshua Mohr

Bookshots: 'Sirens' by Joshua Mohr

Review by Joshua Chaplinsky
The struggle never ends in this melancholy memoir.
Joshua Mohr, Memoir, Fargo

A Conversation with Joshua Mohr about UFOs, Heart Surgeries, and His New Memoir 'Sirens'

Interview by Rob Hart
Joshua Mohr and Rob Hart dish about Nazi doctors, parenting, the finer points of UFOs in season 2 of 'Fargo', and how baby bjorns are the new Special K.
PANK Magazine

PANK Magazine To Close Its Doors At Year's End

News by Christopher Shultz July 30, 2015
The lit-mag, which has been around since 2006, will cease all publication by December 31st.
Interview, Joshua Mohr, Craft, Writing

A Conversation with Joshua Mohr About His New Novel, 'All This Life'

Interview by Rob Hart June 29, 2015
Joshua Mohr—acclaimed author and LitReactor instructor extraordinaire—has a new book out, so him and Rob Hart talked about finding time to write when you have a baby.
Joshua Mohr, Classes, Writing

LitReactor Instructor Joshua Mohr Announces New Novel, 'All This Life'

News by Rob Hart April 22, 2014
Counterpoint/Soft Skull Press will release the book in May 2015.

Joshua Mohr and Anisse Gross Talk Plot

Column by Joshua Mohr August 28, 2013
LitReactor instructor and 'Fight Song' author Joshua Mohr talks writing plots with The Rumpus film editor Anisse Gross. You should probably listen.
10 Questions with Joshua Mohr

10 Questions with Fight Song Author Joshua Mohr

Interview by Joshua Chaplinsky February 12, 2013
The O Magazine favorite returns with a fresh take on the tried and true midlife crisis. We ask him our tried and true 10 questions.
Joshua Mohr - 'An Unreliably Narrated Essay'

New Essay by Joshua Mohr - 'An Unreliably Narrated Essay'

News by Dennis Widmyer
An essay by Joshua Mohr, critically acclaimed author of 'Damascus.' This essay was featured in Josh's sold-out class with us, 'Plotlines' and is being offered exclusively now for Workshop Members.
A of Couple Questions with Joshua Mohr

A Couple of Questions with Joshua Mohr

February 9, 2012
To get to know the man behind the desk a little better, Mark Vanderpool, our Director of Education here at LitReactor, fired off a few questions to Joshua.
"Damascus" by Joshua Mohr

'Damascus' by Joshua Mohr

Review by Joshua Chaplinsky October 11, 2011
A cancer patient, a prostitute, and Santa Claus walk into a bar...