When was the last time you hugged a librarian?

Library Love: Weed Your Library!

Column by Stephanie Bonjack November 20, 2013
Weeding isn't just for gardeners - librarians routinely cull the stacks to keep them relevant and usable. Try these techniques with your own collections and marvel at your librarian handiwork.

Library Love: MOOCs – An Ivy League Education For The Masses

Column by Stephanie Bonjack July 11, 2013
MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are the new big thing in higher education. Learn a new subject or sharpen the old saw with instructors from around the world.

Library Love: Anatomy Of The Book

Column by Stephanie Bonjack May 8, 2013
Books are the coolest things ever, even as physical objects.

Library Love: Five Libraries In Film You'll Never Forget

Column by Stephanie Bonjack April 12, 2013
Sometimes, a library scene in a film stays with us longer than the film itself. What's your favorite library moment from the big screen?

Library Love: Your Library's Disgusting Friends

Column by Stephanie Bonjack March 15, 2013
Critters love a tasty library. Is your personal collection at risk?

Library Love : The Sexy Librarian And Our Collective Imagination

Column by Stephanie Bonjack January 23, 2013
The sexy librarian stereotype is a complex thing. Who is the sexy librarian, and where does she come from?

Library Love: Five Copyright Essentials For The Writer’s Toolkit

Column by Stephanie Bonjack December 19, 2012
There has never been a better time to learn about the ownership and protection of your work.

Library Love: Library Spaces In A Virtual World

Column by Stephanie Bonjack November 13, 2012
Why use a library when there's Wi-Fi at Starbucks and "everything" is online? Is there a reason to visit a library anymore?

Library Love: Reader’s Advisory - Expert Advice On What To Read Next

Column by Stephanie Bonjack October 9, 2012
The end of a great novel is no cause for despair! Get your next fix using these helpful tips.

Library Love: Archives - The Hidden Room of Research

Column by Stephanie Bonjack September 4, 2012
Archives are the home of literary treasures waiting to be discovered. Try out a new type of research with this archival primer.

Library Love: A Librarian Told Me - Research Guides For Every Subject

Column by Stephanie Bonjack July 26, 2012
Great online resources can be hard to find! Make use of library research guides to simplify your work.

Library Love: A Matter of Degree - Is Library and Information Science Really The Worst Master’s Degree?

Column by Stephanie Bonjack July 17, 2012
Forbes created a stir when it released its 'Best and Worst Master's Degrees for Jobs' list for 2012 with Library Science taking the #1 spot. Your resident librarian weighs in.

Library Love: Don’t Leave It All Behind: Track Information That Matters

Column by Stephanie Bonjack June 7, 2012
Not everything is ephemeral. Track books, articles, videos and more with software designed to do just that.

Library Love: Research Like A Pro!

Column by Stephanie Bonjack May 15, 2012
Go beyond the Google search box with this introduction to library resources.