Storyville: Hate From Love—Complex Emotions in Characterization

Column by Richard Thomas
In order to truly hate, you must love first, so write your characters with this complex relationship in mind.

Baby Come Back...To Your Library

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Let's stop playing "Separate Ways (World Apart)" and get back to "Lovin', Touchin,' Squeezin'."

If Books Were Assorted Chocolates

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50 Provocative Questions About Romantic Subplots

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Storyville: Love in Fiction

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How to write about love in your fiction.

32 Valentines: Showing Love For Books And Writers

Column by Peter Derk February 16, 2015
What happens when you send out 32 Valentines to people who helped you out, inspired you, or made your life generally better as a reader and a writer?

How to Make Sweet, Sweet Love to your Books

Column by Phil Jourdan February 11, 2015
Stop saying you love reading, and start loving the books themselves — in a creepy, relationship-y way.

Storyville: Love Instead of Death—Writing With Heart

Column by Richard Thomas February 5, 2015
Replace death with love, in your writing, and see what happens.

The Art And Necessity Of Love Letters

Column by Peter Derk February 4, 2015
What do you learn after writing 500 love letters?

7 Things To Expect When You Date A Reader

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Readers are wonderful people, but there's a few things you should know before you date one.

10 Books To Give To Your Crush

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Say it with a book!

It's Made Of SCIENCE: Love And Attraction

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Everything you need to know about attraction, love, and SCIENCE!