Author David Mitchell Co-Translates 'Autism Memoir'

Author David Mitchell Co-Translates 'Autism Memoir' By 13 Year Old Japanese Boy

News by Christopher Shultz February 27, 2013
The man behind 'it' book 'Cloud Atlas' and his wife offer non-Japanese speakers an amazing story.
Mike Tyson Memoir

Mike Tyson to Pull No Punches in Revealing Memoir

News by Dan Shewan
Former heavyweight boxing champion to publish revealing memoir through Blue Rider Press next summer.
Damien Echols' Memoir "Life After Death"

Damien Echols' Memoir "Life After Death" Hits Shelves

News by Benoît Lelièvre September 19, 2012
West Memphis Three's Damien Echols tell his side of the story.
Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie Releases His Memoir, The Bounty On His Head Increases To $3.3 Million

News by Kimberly Turner September 18, 2012
Just one day after Iranian extremists increase the reward for Salman Rushdie's death by $500,000, the 'Satanic Verses' author releases his 656-page account of his years in hiding.
'Ghost Dances' by Josh Garrett-Davis giveaway

UPDATED WITH WINNER -- Little Punk on the Prairie: Win A Copy of 'Ghost Dances' by Josh Garrett-Davis

News by Joshua Chaplinsky September 17, 2012
Win a copy of Josh Garrett-Davis' historical punk rock plains memoir, 'Ghost Dances: Proving Up on the Great Plains.'

Ask The Agent: Memoir Platform and Full Disclosure: How Much Is Enough?

Column by Bree Ogden
Navigating the rough terrain of today’s publishing industry shouldn’t be a solo event. This week in Ask the Agent I’ll explore and dissect a few of the industry’s mysteries, straight from the shoulder
Resurfacing: An Interview with Lidia Yuknavitch

Resurfacing: An Interview with Lidia Yuknavitch on Writing, Teaching, and Bringing Dark Secrets to Light

July 25, 2012
Lidia Yuknavitch, author of 'The Chronology of Water' and 'Dora: A Headcase', talks about the progression from memoir to fiction and exploring the boundaries of self in a technological age.
Hitchhiker Shot Researching Memoir'The Kindness of America'

UPDATE: Hitchhiker Shot While Researching Memoir Entitled 'The Kindness of America'

News by Rob Hart June 12, 2012
Raymond Dolin of West Virginia is pretended he got shot in a drive-by. What a jerk!

Based on a "True Story"

Column by John Jarzemsky May 15, 2012
Has our obsession with "true stories" gotten out of hand, and what are the consequences for the worlds of fiction and non-fiction alike?
Toni Morrison declines to write memoir

Toni Morrison Was Going To Write A Memoir, But Decided Her Life Wasn't Interesting Enough

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen March 19, 2012
Which forces us to all ask the question: if Toni Morrison's life isn't interesting enough for a memoir, is anyone's?
amanda knox sells her story

Amanda Knox Has Sold Her Story For More Money Than You'll Ever Make

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen February 16, 2012
After being acquitted of murder and being played by Hayden Panettiere, what else is left for Amanda Knox to do but get on with her life? Oh right. Sell the rights to her story for $4 million.

A Real Monster: Writing About People You Know

Column by Phil Jourdan February 15, 2012
A warning to writers eager to turn their lives into material for a book — you have responsibilities to those whose lives you exploit.
Q.R. Markham Memoir

Quentin Rowan Bouncing Back From Plagiarism Scandal With Memoir

News by Rob Hart February 7, 2012
Quentin Rowan, aka QR Markham, was pilloried by the literary community after it was learned he plagiarized his debut novel. He told 'The New Yorker' he's working on a memoir to "clear things up."

Write What You Don’t Know

Column by Jon Gingerich January 24, 2012
Of all the rules that apply to fiction writing, perhaps none is more misleading than the common, banal adage that you should “write what you know.”

Five Big Fat Literary Fakes

Column by Cath Murphy January 10, 2012
A look at the most common literary fibs, and some of the worst offenders.
Amanda Knox Book Deal

Amanda Knox Looking to Sign Book Deal

News by Brandon Tietz December 6, 2011
Amanda Knox, who was charged with murdering her college roommate back in 2007, is looking to sign a juicy book deal.
Being Flynn

Another Bullshit Name-Change In Trailer City

News by Joshua Chaplinsky November 16, 2011
Nick Flynn's "Another Bullshit Night In Suck City" finally comes to the silver screen.
"House Of Prayer No 2" by Mark Richard

Growing Up in the Company of Books - The Life of Mark Richard

Interview by Kasey Carpenter November 16, 2011
We sit down with Mark Richard to discuss his memoir, HOUSE OF PRAYER NO. 2; his screenwriting life, and the years that made him the man he is today.
George W. Bush jokes that people were surprised to find he could read and write

George W. Bush Says People Are Surprised He Can Read/Write

News by Rob Hart November 7, 2011
During a speech in Kansas last week, George W. Bush said people were shocked to hear he was writing a memoir--because some people think he's illiterate

"Shockaholic" by Carrie Fisher

Column by Meredith Borders November 4, 2011
Carrie Fisher's latest memoir gives gossipy insight into the alien world of celebrity.
Duff McKagan Heckler

Duff McKagan Knows How to Handle Hecklers

News by Brandon Tietz October 24, 2011
Former Guns N' Roses bassist Duff McKagan puts a heckler on lock at a recent book signing.
Saddam Hussein's memoirs on the way

Saddam Hussein's Daughter Shopping Her Father's Memoirs

News by Rob Hart
Saddam Hussein's daughter is seeking a publisher for her father's memoirs, which she claims the Iraqi president wrote himself.
Amy Winehouse to Release Posthumous Memoir

Mitch Winehouse To Publish Memoir About His Troubled Daughter

News by Brandon Tietz October 11, 2011
Father of singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse will have a memoir released next summer through HarperCollins.