The Sound of Absence: Utilizing White Space in Poetry

Column by Stephanie M. Wytovich, MFA
This essay explores how white space can be used in poetry as a literary device that thrives on the power of absence.

Storytelling: This Ain't Church

Column by Jessica Marie Baumgartner
Always be passionate about what you believe, but write in a way that give readers the benefit of the doubt.

Horror Does Not Deserve Your Shame

Column by S.A. Bradley July 16, 2019
There is still a stigma associated with the horror genre, despite a long list of exceptional horror stories paving the way.

Updated With Winners: LitReactor's Flash Fiction Smackdown: September Edition (...and another chance to win Chuck Palahniuk's new book!)

Column by Taylor Houston September 30, 2013
Get another chance to win one of three copies we are giving away of Chuck Palahniuk's next book Doomed by writing a metaphor for Purgatory in 25 words or less.

6 Ways You're Molesting Your Metaphors

Column by Rob Blair Young December 17, 2012
Including mixed metaphors, cliche metaphors, ambiguous implications, too close to literal, referencing outside the common experience, and over-extending your metaphors.

Transition As Metaphor

Column by Chris Rosales August 8, 2012
Incorporate these principles to not only transition smoothly from scene to scene, but to add a new layer of metaphor for the manipulation of meaning and theme.

Figurative Language, and Stuff Like That

Column by Chris Rosales May 3, 2012
Add depth to your writing with a Figurative Language Well.

Writing Powerful Descriptions

Column by Jon Gingerich March 22, 2012
Why the best descriptions are the ones that are easily understood, yet leave a lasting impression on readers’ minds.