Bill O'reilly on fire

Bill O'Reilly's On Fire

News by Brandon Tietz October 20, 2011
U.S. Troops aren't taking kindly to a donation of the new Bill O'Reilly book.
Celebrate National Day On Writing

Celebrate National Day On Writing

News by Rob Hart
Today is National Day on Writing, and you can celebrate by partaking in activities sponsored by the National Writing Project
Sense of An Ending

Julian Barnes Wins The Man Booker Prize Amidst Bookish "Readability" Controversy

News by Joshua Chaplinsky October 19, 2011
The Man Booker Prize goes to Julian Barnes for his novel "The Sense of An Ending."
Herman Cain's campaign spent $36,000 to buy copies of the candidate's books

Herman Cain Spends $36,000 In Campaign Funds To Buy His Own Books

News by Rob Hart October 18, 2011
Herman Cain is his own biggest fan- his campaign has spent $36,000 on his books, which may have helped him land a spot on the New York Times Best Seller List
Tyra Gollum

The Stress of Writing A Bestselling YA Fantasy Novel Gave Tyra Banks Alopecia

News by Brandon Tietz October 18, 2011
Tyra Banks wrote a book that made the New York Time's bestseller's list, and no, hell has not froze over, but she did start to lose her hair.
Bram Stoker's private journal found

Bram Stoker's Private Journal Discovered In Attic

News by Rob Hart
Bram Stoker's journal has been discovered, offering a new perspective on the famously-private author of Dracula.
Saddam Hussein's memoirs on the way

Saddam Hussein's Daughter Shopping Her Father's Memoirs

News by Rob Hart
Saddam Hussein's daughter is seeking a publisher for her father's memoirs, which she claims the Iraqi president wrote himself.
Occupy Writers

Authors Pledge Their Support To Occupy Wall Street

News by Rob Hart October 17, 2011
Acclaimed authors are signing their names to Occupy Writers, a website that pledges support to the Occupy Wall Street movement
National Book Award Oops

UPDATE: Oops: Wrong Nominee Announced for National Book Awards

News by Rob Hart October 17, 2011
The wrong book was named when the National Book Foundation announced its nominees for the 2011 National Book Awards-- and now they're asking the author to withdraw.
New Essay by Craig Clevenger - 'Cave Men, Sharks, and the Doors of Perception'

New Essay by Craig Clevenger - 'Cave Men, Sharks, and the Doors of Perception'

News by Dennis Widmyer
For the first time in over a year, cult author and badass craft maestro Craig Clevenger ('The Contortionist's Handbook') unveils a new essay, in anticipation of his upcoming November class with us.
Library lending of eBooks up 200 percent

eBook Borrowing From Libraries Up 200 Percent

News by Rob Hart October 14, 2011
More than 12 million eBooks have been checked out from libraries so far this year, an increase of 200 percent over last year--and that number could climb to 16 million by year's end.

Roger Avary To Direct Adaptation Of Bret Easton Ellis's "Glamorama", Sex Scenes Hot As Hell

News by Joshua Chaplinsky October 13, 2011
It's been a long time coming, but according to Ellis, Roger Avary's Adaptation of "Glamorama" is finally on its way.
Poll shows Britons buy classic literature to look smart

Poll Shows Britons Buy Books To Look Smart

News by Rob Hart October 12, 2011
A poll shows that residents of the United Kingdom are more interested in displaying classic works of literature, and less interesting in actually reading them.
Book publishers using Spotify to create soundtracks for books

Publishers Using Spotify to Build Playlists for Novels

News by Rob Hart October 11, 2011
Book publishers are working with authors to create Spotify playlists, featuring music that inspired their work.
Male librarians get naked to raise money for 'It Gets Better Project'

Male Librarians Get Naked to Raise Money for 'It Gets Better Project'

News by Rob Hart October 11, 2011
Male librarians, seeking to dispel the stereotype of the old, uptight librarians, pose naked for a calendar that comes with the added bonus of raising money to support LGBT youth.
Amy Winehouse to Release Posthumous Memoir

Mitch Winehouse To Publish Memoir About His Troubled Daughter

News by Brandon Tietz October 11, 2011
Father of singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse will have a memoir released next summer through HarperCollins.
Morgan Spurlock

Attention Writers! Morgan Spurlock Wants To Capitalize On Your Failure.

News by Joshua Chaplinsky October 7, 2011
Casting begins for "Failure Club," a documentary style program aimed at helping people overcome their fear and achieve their dreams.
Tomas Transtromer

And The Winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize For Literature Is...

News by Joshua Chaplinsky October 6, 2011
Swedish poet Tomas Transtromer wins 2011 Nobel Prize for literature, is more than meets the eye.

Writers Unite To Levy Criminal Charges Against Internet Super Plagiarist

News by Joshua Chaplinsky October 5, 2011
Join the fight against literary theft by aiding the prosecution of one of the internet's most egregious offenders.
Wordstock 2011

Geek Out With Fellow Book Nerds At Wordstock 2011

News by Joshua Chaplinsky October 3, 2011
Portland's annual celebration of literature and literacy takes place October 6th - 9th
Dr. Sleep

Watch Stephen King Read From His Sequel to "The Shining"

News by Joshua Chaplinsky October 1, 2011
The rumors are true. Stephen King is writing a sequel to "The Shining," and it has vampires in it.