Shia LaBeouf: Plagiarist, Jerk, Troll, or All Three?

After Continued Plagiarism Scandals, Shia LaBeouf Retires From Public Life

News by Sean May January 10, 2014
After facing legal action for copying artist Daniel Clowes' work, LaBeouf has responded by...copying Daniel Clowes' work. And then retiring from public life.

Nothing New Under The Sun: The Origins of 5 Common Literary Allusions

Column by Taylor Houston March 27, 2013
Do you ever feel like you are reading the same things over and over again? Well, you are. Here are five familiar literary allusions explained.
Jonah Lehrer makes up Bob Dylan quotes

Self-Plagiarist Jonah Lehrer In Trouble Again: This Time For Making Up Bob Dylan Quotes

News by Dave Reuss August 1, 2012
Self plagiarizing: not great. Making up quotations: really not great.
Jay-Z Accused Of Plagiarism

Jay-Z Accused Of Plagiarizing Parts Of His Memoir

News by Kimberly Turner June 20, 2012
Jay-Z has been hit with a lawsuit alleging that he plagiarized parts of his 2010 memoir, ‘Decoded,’ from the stolen laptop of a writer named Patrick White.
Q.R. Markham Memoir

Quentin Rowan Bouncing Back From Plagiarism Scandal With Memoir

News by Rob Hart February 7, 2012
Quentin Rowan, aka QR Markham, was pilloried by the literary community after it was learned he plagiarized his debut novel. He told 'The New Yorker' he's working on a memoir to "clear things up."

Writers Unite To Levy Criminal Charges Against Internet Super Plagiarist

News by Joshua Chaplinsky October 5, 2011
Join the fight against literary theft by aiding the prosecution of one of the internet's most egregious offenders.