Politics, Cash Grabs, and Hair: The End of the Trump Parody Book

Column by Peter Derk January 20, 2021
The well is dry, the dead horse has taken a posthumous beating, and as the era comes to a close, what will we take away?


News by Joshua Chaplinsky November 3, 2020

Evaluating The Wit and Wisdom of H.L. Mencken

Column by Joshua Isard September 15, 2020
Parsing the style and substance of the cultural critic, H.L. Mencken. Does it hold up to modern scrutiny?

What If Books Aren't The Answer To Our Problems?

Column by Peter Derk
Have you ever stopped to consider there are questions books can't answer?

Tricking People Into Diverse Reading

Column by Peter Derk
Bait, wait, and snap the trap closed. Easier than it sounds, but you've got this.

Should I Use A Sensitivity Reader?

Column by Peter Derk
What's a sensitivity reader? Why's a sensitivity reader? Should you find one?
Interview: 10 Questions with Francesco Levato

Interview: 10 Questions with Francesco Levato

Interview by Leza Cantoral
The "Arsenal/Sin Documentos" author discusses art, heritage and activism, and how they intersect.

Writing Dystopian Fiction When the World Is Going Mad

Column by Nick Kolakowski November 5, 2019
Far-fetched, near future tales are seeming less and less far-fetched these days. How do you achieve the proper balance in your world building?

Storytelling: This Ain't Church

Column by Jessica Marie Baumgartner
Always be passionate about what you believe, but write in a way that give readers the benefit of the doubt.

13 Books That Wouldn't Be Published Today

Column by Peter Derk June 17, 2019
Is 2019 too sensitive for these titles?
Interview: Jared Yates Sexton on 'The Man They Wanted Me to Be'

Interview: Jared Yates Sexton on "The Man They Wanted Me to Be"

Interview by Steph Post
The author and political commentator discusses his new book and the crisis of toxic masculinity.

10 Authors Who Should Run for President

Column by Gabino Iglesias
I would vote for these folks, and they would probably do a decent job.

How Did Comics Become a Social and Political Battleground?

Column by Peter Derk
Drama of the highest order! Anger! Outrage! Defensiveness! Spider-Men!

Why We Need Border Fiction More Than Ever

Column by Justin Hunter November 29, 2017
Now, more than ever, we need to amplify the voices of the border. We need to read and share more border fiction to help spread understanding.

Why Art is So Important During Turbulent Times

Column by Karis Rogerson
Art is extra important during times of turbulence because it provides escapism, fosters empathy and broadens our horizons.

The Voices of Trumpmerica

Column by Leah Dearborn
This is the first Independence Day under a new presidential administration, and it's unlikely to be one we'll forget.

10 Books Donald Trump Should Read

Column by Christoph Paul June 29, 2017
I speak personally to President Trump and suggest 10 books that would make him a better human being.

Let's Get Political: 10 Tactics for Writing Resistance Fiction

Column by Susan DeFreitas March 27, 2017
Since 9-11, we're living in a brave new world--one where 'Brave New World' is once again a bestseller. But you don't have to write dystopian sci-fi to write fiction of the #resistance.

8 Books for March 8th: International Women's Day

Column by Stephanie Bonjack March 8, 2017
Women around the world have been celebrating International Women's Day since 1909. It marks our struggle for rights and equality. Here are a few titles by women making a difference in the world.

Resist, Rebel, Repeat: A Writer’s Guide to Post-Trump America

Column by Keith Rawson December 27, 2016
Have you turned into a scared little rabbit, since the election? If so, this column ain't gonna be for you. Because it's time to get pissed and stay pissed, people.

Finding Beauty in the Darkness

Column by Leah Rhyne December 21, 2016
We face dark times now, yes. It's important to realize: we've been here before, and we survived. I know because writers tell us, finding beauty in darkness, a literary legacy of stars in the night sky

How to Fight Fascism with Superheroes

Column by Bart Bishop December 15, 2016
A look at 'Last Night, A Superhero Saved My Life', a collection of essays on how superheroes inspire— specifically Ron Currie Jr.'s take on the 1982 Wolverine mini-series and masculinity.

Two Notable Books on the Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy

Column by Ed Sikov November 22, 2016
On the 53rd anniversary of the assassination of John F.Kennedy, Ed Sikov looks at two books by notable conspiracy theorists.

40 Years Ago, Howard The Duck Ran For President

Column by Peter Derk November 9, 2016
1976 was a simpler time. So much simpler that a duck could be trapped in an election he never made!

6 Horrible Comic Book Presidents (and One Good One)

Column by Bart Bishop October 20, 2016
A look at the last 40 years of comic book political satire, with real presidents turned into supervillains and supervillains turned into presidents.