Frightened of embarking on a new literary journey? Primer showcases authors and genres by looking at their most popular books.

On The Down Low And Very Hush-Hush: A James Ellroy Primer

Column by Keith Rawson November 20, 2012
Listen up you pervs, pederasts, peepers, weenie waggers, dimebag dirtballs, and junkies; it's time to get down and dirty with America's best crime novelist, the Demon Dog, James Ellroy.

Primer: Neil Gaiman, Storyteller

Column by Rajan Khanna October 17, 2012
A primer for the uninitiated on Neil Gaiman and his fantastical body of work.

Primer: Gene Wolfe - The Subtle Master

Column by Rajan Khanna October 10, 2012
A primer on the work of Gene Wolfe, one of the masters of speculative fiction.

Philip K. Dick: A Primer

Column by Jon Korn July 25, 2012
With a 'Total Recall' remake about to hit theaters - and more adaptations in the pipeline - it's time to learn more about the man behind the replicants.

Primer: The Chronicles of Amber

Column by Rajan Khanna
A look at the Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny and what makes them so great.

YA Gateway Books: A Primer

Column by Sarah Pitre May 11, 2012
They say you can't get addicted after just one time. But with this list of books, you'll be hooked on young adult literature immediately.

Thomas Pynchon: A Primer

Column by Jack Joslin April 25, 2012
A look at the bizarre and daunting works of the mysterious Thomas Pynchon.

From X to A: A Douglas Coupland Primer

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky March 26, 2012
An introduction to the oeuvre of one of Canada's favorite literary sons- the preeminent cultural satirist, Douglas Coupland.

Alexander Trocchi: A Primer

Column by Gill Tasker January 19, 2012
A look at a neglected but influential Scottish junkie, novelist, poet and innovator.

Philip Roth: A Primer

Column by Phil Jourdan October 19, 2011
Primer is a new column which introduces you to a popular author. This month we look at the works of Phil Roth and his trio: 'American Pastoral,' 'The Human Stain' and 'I Married a Communist.'