Write Drunk: The Science of Altered States and Creativity

Column by Rob Blair Young March 11, 2014
The idea that altered states lead to creativity is an established cultural "wisdom." But is the "write drunk" mentality accurate? I look at the science while conducting a study of my own.

The Right Way to Write for a Living

Column by Rob Blair Young January 23, 2014
Becoming a freelancer taught me to hate my life and the process of writing itself. In this article, I teach you all the things I wish I'd learned before I dove into the freelance lifestyle.

Willpower, Muses, and Other Destructive Myths of Writing

Column by Rob Blair Young January 13, 2014
I examine myths of absolute willpower, divine inspiration, and the identity of the writer, explaining why they are so prominent. Then I attack those myths. With glee.

Realistic New Year's Resolutions for Writers

Column by John Jarzemsky January 3, 2014
New Year's Resolutions are a great way to get a writing habit started, or to revive a flagging one, but tempering them with heavy doses of reality, humility, and time to rest is key.

Write Every Day in 2014: 14 Steps for Forming A Writing Habit

Column by Rob Blair Young January 2, 2014
A look at the science of habit formation, giving you 14 tips on effectively ingraining a writing habit in 2014.

4 Things I Learned From NaNoWriMo

Column by Ryan Peverly December 9, 2013
So, some lessons were learned from participating in National Novel Writing Month for the first time.

A Thankful Writer's Top 10 List

Column by Leah Rhyne November 26, 2013
We writers have a lot to be thankful for...here's my half-universal, half-personal top 10 list!

Getting Shit Done: Eight Tips and Tricks for Better Time Management and Productivity

Column by Cameron Pierce November 25, 2013
Is life getting in the way of your writing? Here are eight tips and tricks to manage your time more wisely and boost your productivity.

The Internet Hates You: Five Writing Habits to Crush

Column by Phil Jourdan November 22, 2013
Five bad habits to break if you want your writing sessions to be more productive.

Should You Become A Multi-Hyphenate?

Column by Kelly Thompson November 18, 2013
I find myself on unfamiliar ground trying to become a "multi-hyphenate." Am I a fool for trying, especially when I'm barely a non-multi-hyphenate? Let's talk.

9 Great Albums To Accompany Your Writing Process

Column by Christopher Shultz November 15, 2013
Music can be a wonderful assistant while you create, if you select your tunes wisely. I have a few suggestions to help you choose.

5 Reasons A Good Writing Group Can Save You

Column by Kelly Thompson November 7, 2013
What can a good writing group do for you? Almost everything.

8 Ways to Support the Writers in Your Life

Column by Rob Blair Young October 2, 2013
It's great that you want to support the writers you know, but sometimes it's hard to know how to do so. This article gives some simple advice on offering useful support.

The Write Time: 6 Strategies to Make Your Writing Schedule Sacred

Column by Rob Blair Young March 20, 2013
How can we keep ourselves writing each day? How can we make sure that the time we've set aside to write remains sacred? Here are a few strategies I've developed over the years.

Finding Your Writing Rhythm

Column by Erik Wecks March 13, 2013
Becoming a writer is more about finding your own way than following the right plan.

Why Write?

Column by Karina Wilson February 27, 2013
Why write? After George Orwell, Joan Didion and Jonathan Franzen, a panel of writers at St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, debate the issue.

6 Ways to Fall in Love with Writing

Column by Rob Blair Young February 15, 2013
These six strategies will help you shift the focus of your work so you can learn to fall in love with writing again.

Storyville: NaNoWriMo and Free Writing

Column by Richard Thomas November 2, 2012
Whether it's during NaNoWriMo or on your own, free writing can help you channel your visions.