Stay Positive, and Write

Column by Cina Pelayo March 13, 2020
As writers, we assume that writing is an enjoyable task. Here are some tips on how to stay happy and be creative.

The Seemingly Inevitable Relationship Between Writing And Imposter Syndrome

Column by Christopher Shultz
Most writers feel like a total fraud sometimes, but the feeling doesn't have to eat us alive.

Get Your Sh*t Together: Six Memoirs for Personal Growth

Column by Susan DeFreitas
Seeking personal growth? Going through a rough spot? Forget self-help. These five fabulous memoirs will broaden your world, open your mind, and help you get your sh*t together.
Psychological Bedtime Book Puts Kids to Sleep Nationwide

Psychological Bedtime Book Puts Kids to Sleep Nationwide

News by Raine Winters August 19, 2015
The self-published picture book has outsold Harper Lee and Dr. Seuss.

Attention Deficit Creators

Column by Rob Blair Young October 29, 2014
Some discussion of my own journey with ADD and my choice to get off meds, along with a look at attention deficit tendencies in creative individuals and how to cope with those tendencies.

Spells and the Physical Power of Words

Column by Leah Dearborn
While poems are seen as acceptable expressions of emotion or thought, magical incantations are generally left to fiction. But there is evidence that words can make a very physical impact on the world.

5 Essential Brain Hacks for Fiction

Column by Susan DeFreitas July 11, 2014
Neuroscience reveals a lot about how evolution shaped our brains. It can also show us how to suck our readers in from page one and keep them turning the pages. Why? Because science.

Fiction Shmiction: The Science of Stories and Unconscious Beliefs

Column by Rob Blair Young June 9, 2014
The stories we witness shape our unconscious beliefs about the world around us. This article gives scientific backup for how.

Willpower, Muses, and Other Destructive Myths of Writing

Column by Rob Blair Young January 13, 2014
I examine myths of absolute willpower, divine inspiration, and the identity of the writer, explaining why they are so prominent. Then I attack those myths. With glee.
Books for depression

Bibliotherapy: Doctors Prescribe Books For Depression

News by Nathan Scalia January 2, 2014
In a world containing over 350 million people who suffer from depression, doctors are prescribing self-help books with good results.
Visual Language of Comics Has its Roots in the Ice Age

Visual Language of Comics Has its Roots in the Ice Age

News by Dean Fetzer
Comic artist and psychologist Neil Cohn’s new book explores the connections that graphic stories have in the human brain and reveals they have a language we intuitively understand.

Symbolism: Storytelling and the Invisible Hand

Column by Jon Gingerich
Symbolism allows writers to get themselves off the page and lets their words do the talking.

How Writing Has Helped Me Survive Depression

Column by Rob Blair Young September 19, 2013
I discuss my own struggle with depression and how writing has helped me survive it.

It's Made Of SCIENCE: Multiple Personalities

Column by Nathan Scalia September 17, 2013
What you need to know about the dissociative identity disorder, multiple personalities, and SCIENCE.

Writing Through The Fear Of Words

Column by Ben Umstead September 10, 2013
A personal look at the uphill battle of writing, and the often tumultuous relationship we can have with words.
Jane Austen prescribed as antidote to horrors of WW1

Novels of Jane Austen Used to Treat Shell-Shocked Soldiers in WWI

News by Dean Fetzer
According to Oxford fellow Dr Paula Byrne, the author’s books gave veterans a sense of security, and this comfort is probably why her writing still appeals... in a ‘crazy’ world
A Writer's Mind: An Interview w/ Philip Kenney

A Writer's Mind: An Interview with Psychotherapist and Author, Philip Kenney

Interview by Erin Reel April 17, 2013
Psychotherapist and author Philip Kenney shines a light once again on the shadows that debilitate the writer's mind in this follow-up interview.
Philip Kenney LitReactor Interview

Writers and Depression: An Interview with Psychotherapist and Author, Philip Kenney

Interview by Erin Reel January 21, 2013
Portland-based author and psychotherapist Philip Kenney sheds light on why some writers may experience degrees of mental illness and what they can do about it.

Do You Have To Suffer For Your Art? Or Can Happy Writers Be Successful?

Column by Kimberly Turner November 20, 2012
We're all familiar with the stereotype of the tormented artist and depressed, alcoholic writer; but do great lives truly require great hardship? Can't you be happy and successful?

5 More Ways Your Brain Sabotages Your Writing... And What To Do About It

Column by Kimberly Turner August 2, 2012
Strap in. It’s time for 'Mind Games II: Electric Boogaloo,' with more mental shenanigans, more productivity tips, and more shark sex references than ever before.

5 Ways Your Brain Sabotages Your Writing... And What To Do About It

Column by Kimberly Turner July 19, 2012
Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is that your brain hates your guts. That's just science. Help get cognitive biases and mental tomfoolery under control with these handy tips.
Can Fiction Affect Your Personality?

This Is Your Brain On Books: Can Fiction Affect Your Real Life?

News by Dave Reuss May 9, 2012
A new study finds that "losing yourself" in books may change your personality.