Scientists Prove Reading Is Good For You

Your Brain On Jane: Scientists Prove Reading Is Good For You

News by Dave Reuss
We always knew reading was good for you, now we have the hard data to back it up.
Inmates Read Their Way Out Of Jail

Brazilian Inmates Read Their Way Out Of Jail

News by Kimberly Turner June 26, 2012
Brazil's new Redemption Through Reading program allows inmates in four federal prisons to knock up to 48 days a year off their sentences by reading books and writing book reports.

LitReactor Photo Album: Show Us Your Reading Environment

Column by Rob Hart June 18, 2012
Last month we asked you to share pictures of your writing environment. This month, we want to see your reading environment.
Baboons Can Read

Baboons Can Read; 'Planet Of The Apes' Imminent?

News by Rob Hart April 16, 2012
Well, they're not actually reading, but it's close: Baboons are able to differentiate between random combinations of letters and actual words.
Mad Men reading list

New York Public Library Compiles 'Mad Men' Reading List

News by Rob Hart March 26, 2012
To coincide with the premiere of 'Mad Men,' the New York Public Library has put together a list of books that have been on the show, or books that people who watch the show might enjoy.
World Book Night 2012

Spread Your Love Of Books On April 23 During 'World Book Night'

News by Rob Hart January 31, 2012
World Book Night was held in the United Kingdom last year--and it was such a success, the program has been moved to the United States, with the goal of giving out 1 million books.

Required Reading: The Pros and Cons

Column by John Jarzemsky January 11, 2012
Anyone who ever went to school has been forced to read stuff that they hated. Does the concept of a required curriculum do more harm than good?