Why Writers Should Read Across the Genres

Column by Sara Tantlinger July 27, 2022
Reading outside of one's favorite genre is vastly beneficial to a writer. Each genre brings unique elements that can help you strengthen your craft.

The Queer Stories that Saw Me Before I Saw Myself

Column by Karis Rogerson May 18, 2022
Just a list of stories about queer life that helped me find my own joy.

Ice Planet Barbarians: F***fest or Snoozefest?

Column by Peter Derk
"Ice Planet Barbarians" might have captured the heart and other organs of our cynical reader.

The Value of Stories Without Romance

Column by Karis Rogerson April 20, 2022
Just like life, a story doesn't require romance to be fulfilling.

14 YA Romances To Help You Celebrate Valentine's Day

Column by Karis Rogerson February 11, 2022
YA enthusiast Karis Rogerson shares 14 romances to help celebrate Valentine's Day!

Defending Romance Novels

Column by Peter Derk February 8, 2022
Alright, romance haters. Let's do this. Bring it.

Exciting YA Releases for the First Half of 2022

Column by Karis Rogerson January 13, 2022
YA obsessee Karis Rogerson shares 12 books coming out in the first half of 2022 that she can't wait to get her grabby hands on.

6 Romantic Books to Cozy Up With This Holiday

Column by Karis Rogerson December 15, 2021
Cozy up with these 6 romantic reads centering on the winter holidays.

Happy Birthday To Georgette Heyer, the Salty Godmother of Regency Romance

Column by Leah Dearborn August 16, 2021
Heyer said of her own writing in the 1940s, “I think to myself I ought to be shot for writing such nonsense," but her self-deprecation undermined her wit and substantial body of bestselling work.

On the Stressful Joy of Rereading Favorite Books

Column by Karis Rogerson
Karis Rogerson reflects on a newly-discovered literary delight: rereading old favorites.

Ruminations on Humanity, Escape and Sexiness: Recent Works by Kelly Kay, Leesa Cross-Smith and Alice Kaltman

Column by Ben Tanzer
Mini reviews of "Crushing" by Kelly Kay, "This Close to Okay" by Leesa Cross-Smith and "dawg towne" by Alice Kaltman.

Reflections on WriteOnCon, A Jam-Packed Online Conference for Kidlit Writers

Column by Karis Rogerson
Karis Rogerson finally attended her first WriteOnCon, an online conference for kidlit writers, and reflects on the experience.

"To All The Boys: Always and Forever" is the Sweetest Ending to a Beloved Series

Column by Karis Rogerson
Thoughts and reflections on the final installment in the To All the Boys film series.

7 Books That Will Make You Happy You’re Single

Column by Emmanuel Nataf February 16, 2021
These seven literary picks brilliantly reveal the joys of singledom and will have you transforming from a Bridget Jones to a Samantha Jones in no time at all.

Lessons I Learned Ghostwriting Romance (as a Non-Romance Writer)

Column by Jay Wilburn
After ghostwriting many romance novels, Jay Wilburn learned some lessons that helped with writing stories in other genres.

Bad Romance: 10 Books To Warm Your Cold, Black Heart

Column by Sadie Hartmann February 8, 2021
Horror fiction might seem like the least likely genre to give you that romance fix, but this list will convince you otherwise.

9 Sexy Poems to Read with Your Valentine

Column by Annie Neugebauer February 14, 2020
Forget to buy your S.O. a Valentine’s present? Need a last-minute plan for making a night at home special? Set on wooing your literary darling? Never fear: poetry is here!

Five Literary Love Affairs To Get Lost in This Valentine's Day

Column by Emmanuel Nataf February 13, 2020
To celebrate this Valentine’s Day, we’re revisiting some favorite literary love affairs typically left off other lists.

Why Don't Men Read Romance?

Column by Peter Derk February 11, 2020
One brave man breaks the silence about why romance is such a snooze.

Are Functional Relationships Ever Interesting In Fiction?

Column by Peter Derk
Bumper stickers are the right place for "I love my wife." Novels are the place to tell the truth.

Tackling the Issue of Consent in Fiction

Column by Andrea J. Johnson
This article offers authors strategies for exploring the darker side of sex with safety and consent in mind.

Why I Love YA Rom Coms

Column by Christoph Paul May 31, 2019
Whether it's on the page or on Netflix, I love a good YA rom com.

50 Provocative Questions About Romantic Subplots

Column by Peter Derk February 12, 2019
Asking the hard, sweaty, breathless, demanding questions of romantic subplots.

150 Years Later, ‘Little Women’ Is Still The Biggest Of Deals

Column by Meredith Borders September 28, 2018
On its sesquicentennial, Louisa May Alcott’s novel is still challenging readers.

LURID: Stalker Lit and "You"

Column by Karina Wilson September 7, 2018
Lifetime's long-awaited adaptation of Stalker Lit epic, "You", hits our screens this weekend, starring delectable Dan from "Gossip Girl", Penn Badgley. Can we take pleasure in such antiheroes?