Rocket Launcher Bayonets, Secret Babies, Rock Powers: This Is 'License To Love'

Column by Peter Derk February 5, 2018
Only through surviving one of the oddest reading experiences of all time can you earn your License to Love.

50 Signs You’re In Love With A Writer

Column by Annie Neugebauer April 24, 2017
You might be in love with a writer if...

6 Couples in Literature Who Should Just Break Up Already

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You might have your OTP, but we have couples who should just call it quits.

9 Gothic Novels Less than 40 Years Old

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Gothic fiction may be a genre born of tradition, but these 9 atmospheric novels aren’t even over the hill!

25 Days of Christmas Romances

Column by Riki Cleveland
Here’s 25 days of Christmas romances to warm you up as the temperatures outside dip. Baby it’s cold outside, but the romances in these novels are sure to heat things up.
Bookshots: 'A Bloom of Bones' by Allen Morris Jones

Bookshots: 'A Bloom of Bones' by Allen Morris Jones

Review by Stephanie Bonjack
A dead body discovered in small-town big sky country directs all eyes to a lone cowboy with a complicated past.

10 Things We Can Learn About Writing from 'You’re the Worst'

Column by Max Booth III September 26, 2016
We dig deep into Stephen Falk's complicated FXX series.

Vampires in Wuthering Heights

Column by Annie Neugebauer August 15, 2016
Within Wuthering Heights there’s evidence to interpret this plot: Cathy becomes a vampire, haunting Heathcliff for years before turning him into one so they can roam the moors together eternally.

Google's A.I. Gets Sexy, Reads 2,865 Romance Novels

News by Peter Derk May 5, 2016
How do you make an A.I. sound less rigid? Make it a romance reader.

Every Danielle Steel Novel Summarized in 140 Characters or Less

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky April 1, 2016
Three interns died while researching this article. Their efforts were not in vain.

7 Romantic Valentine's Day Novels

Column by Riki Cleveland
Looking for love this Valentine's Day? Find your perfect romance in the pages of these seven novels, just in time for the holiday.

10 Love Poems Beyond Roses Are Red

Column by Peter Derk February 9, 2016
'Roses are red' just doesn't cut it anymore. Load up with some real poetry.

Mistletoe & Menorahs: 14 Holiday Romances

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When the temperatures dip and the days grow shorter, passion is definitely in the air. Cozy up with these fourteen new holiday romances sure to get you in the holiday spirit.

6 Festive Thanksgiving Romances

Column by Riki Cleveland November 25, 2015
There’s just something about the cooler temperatures and feelings of well-being in the Fall that light the fire for romance. Here are six Thanksgiving romances to warm your heart.
Self-Published Romance Writer Exposed as Plagiarist

Self-Published Romance Writer Exposed as Plagiarist

News by Raine Winters October 29, 2015
Copycats are no fun.

Taboo: Six New Adult Books About Student-Teacher Romance

Column by Riki Cleveland March 12, 2015
From a classic by Colleen Hoover to fresh New Adult by Dahlia Adler, we’re exploring the exciting student-teacher taboo in romance lit.

Rocking Out With Romance

Column by Riki Cleveland
Rock star romances run the gamut, from sweet, tender love stories to no holds barred, sexy backstage antics. There's something for everyone!
Rupert Murdoch Buys Leading Publisher of Bodice-Ripper Romance

Rupert Murdoch Buys Leading Publisher of Bodice-Ripper Romance

News by Riki Cleveland May 6, 2014
Rupert Murdoch-owned News Corp. purchases Harlequin for $415 million.
Bookshots: 'Shotgun Lovesongs' by Nickolas Butler

Bookshots: 'Shotgun Lovesongs' by Nickolas Butler

Review by Cath Murphy
Forrest Gump gives her opinion on a book which promises to have a hard centre, but turns out to be soft and rather sweet.

The Best and Worst Love Stories of All Time

Column by Rob Blair Young February 14, 2014
What well-crafted love stories manage to pull us in — without idolizing toxic relationship models? Here are some of the best and worst love stories of all time.

How To Use What You Learned in English Class to Find True Love OR How Not to Suck at Online Dating

Column by John Jarzemsky February 13, 2014
Online dating is becoming less and less stigmatized, but it can be a daunting task. Fear not! This guide will teach you how to not come off like an angry loser or creep, in a matter of minutes!

Shelving a Fear of Romance

Column by Leah Dearborn February 12, 2014
Trade romance sales make up the largest share of the U.S. consumer book market, yet they carry a lot of negative associations. Does romance deserve a second chance?

11 Science Fiction Novels for the Lovelorn Rocket Jockey

Column by Daniel Hope February 7, 2014
A list of science fiction novels that also make good romance novels. Or maybe it's the other way around.

Gently Curving Prose: 10 Rules for Writing New Adult Fiction

Column by Cath Murphy August 22, 2013
While the arguments about self-pubbing rage, New Adult writers have been quietly making a shitload of cash. Produce your own NA masterpiece with these simple rules.

Book vs. Film: Warm Bodies

Column by Meredith Borders February 22, 2013
The zom-rom-com book faces off against the zom-rom-com movie.