'City of Rose' Book Tour Diary: San Francisco

Column by Rob Hart
More burritos, why friends can be better than hotels, and the art of the live reading.

Book Tour Diaries: Planning the Trip and What to Pack

Column by Rob Hart February 11, 2016
Rob Hart is about to embark on his first book tour, hitting four cities on the West Coast. He shares how he planned it, what he's packing, why he's doing it — and what he's hoping to accomplish.

That Time I Read With Chuck Palahniuk

Column by Brandon Tietz October 25, 2014
What's it like reading with one of the most famous authors in the game? About as cool as you can imagine.
Libraries Learning To Live With Homeless

Gimme Shelter: Libraries Learning To Live With Homeless

News by Peter Derk April 25, 2014
Three different libraries of different sizes deal with drugs, homeless.