Ditch Your New Books and Reread An Old Favorite, Instead

Column by Jena Brown
Sometimes the best read is the one you know you’re going to love.

5 Must-Read Frankenstein Retellings

Column by Jena Brown
In honor of Shelley's birthday, we highlight 5 reimaginings of her timeless classic.
Amphetamine Sulfate's "Human Rights" Collection

Rebooting Sci-Fi's Transgressive Roots: Amphetamine Sulfate's "Human Rights" Collection

Review by Gabriel Hart June 20, 2022
Amphetamine Sulfate's new science fiction anthology bridges a commonly-overlooked gap in transgressive literature.
Los Suelos, CA

"Collective Creative Work Is The Way" — An Interview with Interactive Literary Site Los Suelos, CA

Interview by Gabriel Hart April 7, 2022
Gabriel Hart interviews the creators of the new multi-media interactive literary site benefiting California agricultural workers.
Art by Rachel Lilim

A Roundtable Discussion on Generative (or AI-assisted) Writing

Interview by Gabriel Hart October 7, 2021
An in-depth exploration of the modern cut-up method by three "Black Box" writers and one (or two) of their bots.

Everything You Need To Know About the 2021 International Booker Prize Shortlist

Column by Emmanuel Nataf June 25, 2021
Da-da-dum, the International Booker Winner has been announced, and you haven't even read the shortlist. Don’t worry: this post is here to help.

Paying Respects to Ursula K. Le Guin: The Queen of Spec-Fic

Column by Jessica Marie Baumgartner
Happy Birthday to one of the most influential American woman writers.
Blood in the Gears: Jeremy Robert Johnson on "The Loop" & the Craft of Writing

Blood in the Gears: Jeremy Robert Johnson on "The Loop" & the Craft of Writing

Interview by Tyler Jones
Jeremy Robert Johnson talks writing habits and his weird new novel, 'The Loop.'

A Cheat Sheet to This Year's Nebula Awards Nominees

Column by Emmanuel Nataf May 26, 2020
Another drumroll, please — the Nebula Awards are almost upon us! Here's a breakdown of all the categories in a quick and easy cheat sheet.

"Star Trek: Picard" is Having Too Much Fun

Column by BH Shepherd March 31, 2020
A review of the Star Trek spinoff featuring Jean-Luc Picard.

Ursula K. Le Guin: A Primer

Column by Emmanuel Nataf
An overview of the work of Ursula K. Le Guin, which explored new frontiers and broke new ground in science fiction and fantasy.
'Recursion' by Blake Crouch

"Recursion" by Blake Crouch

Review by Christopher Shultz
Blake Crouch's latest novel is a perfectly balanced thriller that will both entertain you and bend your mind into a pretzel.

'Discovery' vs. 'The Orville': Who Treks Better?

Column by BH Shepherd November 17, 2017
A comparative look at the two new shows trying to carry on the Star Trek legacy.

Why You Should Be More Like Andy Weir

Column by Justin Hunter
You've heard of 'The Martian,' right? Read the book, seen the movie? Well, the novel was written by Andy Weir, and you should be more like him.
Nik Korpon, audiobooks, Sci-Fi

A Conversation with Nik Korpon on 'Blade Runner,' Audiobook Pronunciation, and His New Novel 'The Rebellion's Last Traitor'

Interview by Rob Hart
In Nik Korpon's latest, memory is a commodity bought, sold, and experienced like a drug. He talks a bit about 'The Rebellion's Last Traitor,' the first in a series at Angry Robot Books.

Time Out: Don't Write Time Travel (Unless You Do It Right)

Column by Peter Derk February 3, 2017
Why do we keep writing the same time travel stories, and how can we change?
Bookshots: 'Last Year' by Robert Charles Wilson

Bookshots: 'Last Year' by Robert Charles Wilson

Review by BH Shepherd December 13, 2016
A concise review of "Last Year" by Robert Charles Wilson.

LitReactor Community Spotlight: April 2016

Column by Nathan Scalia April 6, 2016
The official LitReactor community update for April 2016.

5 Storytelling Lessons from the Original Star Wars Trilogy

Column by Rajan Khanna December 17, 2015
Rajan Khanna looks at storytelling lessons from 'Star Wars' Episodes 4-6.

'Ex Machina' and the Reinvention of the Femme Fatale

Column by Christopher Shultz June 4, 2015
Alex Garland's directorial debut isn't just science fiction, it's also film noir. While this pairing isn't new, the femme fatale definitely is.

The Accuracy of Edward Bellamy: Predicting the Future with Science Fiction

Column by Daniel Hope November 21, 2014
'Looking Backward' purports to tell the state of America in the year 2000. It's wildly inaccurate, but it's still worth a read.

A Brief History of Space Opera

Column by Daniel Hope November 11, 2014
A look at the origins and history of space opera, which is a subgenre of science fiction.

Punkpunk: A Compendium of Literary Punk Genres

Column by Daniel Hope February 17, 2014
A list of the types of science fiction punk genres, starting at cyberpunk and working our way to absurdity.

10 Stories by Ray Bradbury That Would Make Great Movies

Column by Ben Umstead August 2, 2013
10 Stories by Ray Bradbury that Would Make Great Movies. 'Nuff Said.

The Absence of Story in "Star Trek Into Darkness"

Column by BH Shepherd June 4, 2013
While it bears the brand of a franchise best known for being about exploring the unknown, the latest installment from Abrams is content to boldly go where many movies have gone before.