Washington, D.C. to get Museum of Science Fiction

Washington, D.C. to get Museum of Science Fiction

News by Dean Fetzer
A team of science fiction fanatics have plans for a new museum in downtown D.C. in 2017, with a “preview” museum opening in 2015.

Fifteen Twisted Christmas Tales

Column by Christopher Shultz December 10, 2013
For an offbeat, weird, macabre and twisted holiday, look no further than this list.

Controversies Inside the World of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Column by Rajan Khanna November 26, 2013
Orson Scott Card isn't the only controversial figure in Science Figure and Fantasy. We take a look at a few more.

17 of the Most Literary Science Fiction Novels

Column by Daniel Hope November 13, 2013
Books you'll find at the intersection of the literary and science fiction genres.

10 Works That Blur the Line Between Mythology and Science Fiction

Column by Rajan Khanna November 7, 2013
In honor of the release of 'Thor: The Dark World,' we take a look at science fiction stories that draw on mythology for inspiration.

Did Ender's Game Rip Off The Dueling Machine?

Column by Daniel Hope October 31, 2013
A critical look at the rumor that 'Ender's Game' is a ripoff of 'The Dueling Machine', and a discussion of what creativity and originality means.

The Monster Mash-up: Horror Hybrids

Column by Rajan Khanna October 21, 2013
Horror is one of the most versatile genres—despite its ability to scare, it plays well with others. We look at some of these combinations.

Bad Breakers: 10 Characters That Turned to the Dark Side

Column by Rajan Khanna September 27, 2013
In honor of the ending of 'Breaking Bad,' a list of characters from science fiction and fantasy who started out as good guys but ended up as villains.

Guess The Plot: A Reawakening and a Reboot

Column by Daniel Hope September 13, 2013
Guess the Plot: We guess the plot of a book based solely on what we can glean from the cover, then compare our guess with an actual summary of the book. In this case: 'The Last Starship from Earth.'

Hollywood's Science Fiction Problem

Column by Rajan Khanna September 6, 2013
Hollywood science fiction movies haven't exactly been great lately. We take a look at why that might be.

Starting From Scratch: Margaret Atwood's Maddaddam Trilogy

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky September 3, 2013
A review, overview, and critical analysis of the speculative trilogy, all rolled up into one.
Hugo Awards Announced – Just a Popularity Contest?

Hugo Awards Announced – Just a Popularity Contest?

News by Dean Fetzer
With the annual announcement of the awards that are voted on by a selection of the public, the question arises as to whether it’s just a “beauty contest”.

The Kessel Run (in under 12 Parsecs): A Guide to the Star Wars Expanded Universe

Column by Rajan Khanna August 23, 2013
In the past 20 or so years, the Star Wars Expanded Universe—encompassing books, games, comics and more—has put out a bewildering number of releases. These are the ones to pay attention to.

Genderbending Genre: The Left Hand of Darkness

Column by Rajan Khanna August 19, 2013
Ursula K. Le Guin's novel, "The Left Hand of Darkness," is not just a great science fiction novel, it is one of the first major works in the field to address issues of gender. We take a look why.

It's Made Of SCIENCE: The Speed Of Light

Column by Nathan Scalia August 14, 2013
What you need to know about the speed of light, faster-than-light travel, and SCIENCE.

Muttonchops and Robots: An Isaac Asimov Primer

Column by Daniel Hope August 12, 2013
Isaac Asimov is so much more than a set of incredible muttonchops. He's one of the greatest science fiction writers ever. Here's why you should give him a try.

Tigers and Telepaths: An Alfred Bester Primer

Column by Rajan Khanna
Get to know the works of Alfred Bester, an often overlooked but influential sci-fi writer.

Iron Giants: A Big Robot Top 10

Column by Rajan Khanna July 19, 2013
With the release of Pacific Rim this month, we take a look at 10 of the best giant robots of cinema, television and literature.
Orson Scott Card Ender's Boycott

Orson Scott Card Defends Against Ender's Game Boycott

News by Nathan Scalia July 11, 2013
Orson Scott Card has released a statement responding to a boycott campaign of the "Ender's Game" film.

The Sleeper Must Awaken: A Dune Primer

Column by Rajan Khanna June 28, 2013
Dune is one of the best novels ever written. Find out why.

Wasteland Gems: Fiction's Post-Apocalyptic Top 10

Column by Rajan Khanna June 18, 2013
Post-apocalyptic fiction is perhaps more popular today than it's even been. Here are ten of the best examples.

Behold The Unfilmable: Hyperion Cantos

Column by Erik Wecks May 22, 2013
The Hyperion Cantos is a fantastic work of Science Fiction, but it would be a disaster if it were made into a film.
Arthur C. Clarke Award all-male shortlist

All-Male Shortlist for Arthur C. Clarke Award Announced

News by Dean Fetzer
In another strange turn, the shortlist for this year's award, ”chosen by a panel comprised mostly of women,” is exclusively male.
Iain M. Banks Losing His Battle With Cancer

Iain M. Banks Losing His Battle With Cancer

News by Christopher Shultz April 4, 2013
With less than a year to live, the author plans to retire, spend time with family, and travel.
Seanan McGuire gets record five Hugo nominations

Hugo Awards Nominee Seanan McGuire Nominated a Record Five Times

News by Dean Fetzer April 1, 2013
After hearing she’d been nominated for science fiction’s most prestigious prize – 5 times – the author admitted she ‘cried a lot’.