What Happened When I Put My Self-Published Books EVERYWHERE

Column by Peter Derk January 31, 2022
A column in which one writer becomes the Johnny Appleseed of the eBook world, spreading his stank all over the place.

Mistakes I Made With My Self-Published Book Covers

Column by Peter Derk May 3, 2021
Don't follow in my footsteps. Don't repeat my mistakes.

Best Self-Published Horror Books of 2020 So Far

Column by Sadie Hartmann August 11, 2020
There is a wealth of talent in self-published horror fiction. You just need to know where to look (because there is a lot of crap too).

12 Tools Every Self-Published Author Should Have in Their Toolkit

Column by Emmanuel Nataf March 6, 2020
To help all those aspiring indie authors out there, here’s a list of some of the best tools for navigating the world of publishing.

Why You Should Be More Like Andy Weir

Column by Justin Hunter
You've heard of 'The Martian,' right? Read the book, seen the movie? Well, the novel was written by Andy Weir, and you should be more like him.

The Life Expectancy of a Novel

Column by Max Booth III
There are so many books on this planet being published every single day, and it’s rude to take up any further space than we rightfully deserve.

6 Unorthodox Fundraisers For Your Self-Publishing Venture

Column by Peter Derk January 24, 2017
Kick Kickstarter to the curb. Raise money and have fun doing it.

To-Do List: 5 Steps To Hiring A Freelance Editor

Column by Holly Slater November 23, 2016
This week, I want to share some tips from The Other Side about what to do if you make the leap to hire a freelance editor for your manuscript. Here's what to do--and what to avoid.

What A $5 Book Cover Looks Like

Column by Peter Derk
Thinking about self publishing? Thinking about spending 5 bucks to get a cover made? Read this first.

5 Lessons For Your DIY Audiobook

Column by Peter Derk August 31, 2015
You can make your own audiobook. Just take this advice first.

10 Tips On How To Write A Press Release

Column by Michael David Wilson
A guide to writing a press release. What to include and what not to include.

The Spork of Publishing: What to Consider After Finishing Your First Novel

Column by Max Booth III March 5, 2015
The publishing industry is a strange beast. Prepare to be chewed up and spat out.

What The Hell Is 'Wild Animus'?

Column by Peter Derk March 5, 2015
Is Rich Shapero's 'Wild Animus' the strangest and most ambitious self-publishing project of all time?
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Self-Published Book About Not Vaccinating Kids Trolled Hard By Amazon Reviewers

News by Rob Hart February 10, 2015
Here's one of Amazons reviews: "As a carpenter who specializes in itty bitty coffins I can't say enough good things about this book, my customer base has been growing at an epidemic rate!"
Amazon, GamerGate, Self-publishing, Zoe Quinn

GamerGate Inspired Rape Fantasy Self-Published On Amazon

News by Rob Hart December 19, 2014
A thinly-veiled rape fantasy about frequent GamerGate target Zoe Quinn appeared as an eBook on Amazon today, before being taken down.

Finding Success When Your Back is Against The Wall

Column by Dean Fetzer June 17, 2014
After a decade of struggling with the traditional publishing model, author John A. A. Logan decided to self-publish his fifth book on Christmas day 2011 — and found the success he'd been after.

Book Trailers...Definitely NOT The Wave Of The Future

Column by Kelly Thompson April 11, 2014
What makes a good book trailer? What makes a terrible one? What use are they anyway? Let's talk about why most of them don't work and link to some of the best and worst I found, shall we?
Guardian Announces Monthly Prize For Self-Published Novels

Diamonds In The Roughest: Guardian Announces Monthly Prize For Self-Published Novels

News by Peter Derk April 10, 2014
The Guardian has announced a monthly prize for the best-of-the-best self-published novels.

Telling Tales on the Publishing Industry

Column by Jonathan Wood March 19, 2014
Jonathan Wood talks about the long and inspiring journey to get his debut novel, 'No Hero' to press.

Is Self-Publishing Good for You?

Column by Rob Blair Young February 26, 2014
Indie publishing has changed over the years, and is now a viable path to success. That said, it requires far more work (and especially non-writing work) than you may realize.

Anonymous 'Magical Realism' Missed Connection Post Gets Published In The Atlantic

News by Christopher Shultz August 12, 2013
The Brooklyn Craigslist post transcends typical Missed Connections and tells a tragically romantic tale. The Atlantic took notice.

Priming The Pump: Selling Your eBook On Amazon Isn't As Easy As It Seems

Column by Erik Wecks August 5, 2013
Today, eBooks have created more opportunities for indie authors than ever before, but it is one thing to publish an eBook. It's another to make it sell.
Book Country eBookstore

Book Country eBookstore Unveiled for Self-Published Authors

News by Dean Fetzer
Penguin has just announced a new way for self-published authors to sell their books — via a new store set up on the company’s online community website.
Jim Carrey to Self-Publish Children’s Book

‘Ace Ventura’ Star To Write and Self-Publish Kid’s Book

News by Dean Fetzer March 26, 2013
Jim Carrey, the actor known for roles as diverse as ‘The Mask’, ‘Bruce Almighty’ and ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ is set to self-publish a "metaphysical children’s book”.
comiXology Self-Publishing Service 'Submit'

comiXology Announces Self-Publishing Service 'Submit'

News by Christopher Shultz
Indie comic book artists now have a chance to bypass traditional publising routes, though it's not as easy as you might think. Is it a worthwile endeavor?