Adventures in Self-Publishing Part 6: Fare Thee Well

Column by Rob Hart January 23, 2013
This is my last column on self-publishing. Let's wrap it up, look back, have a good laugh, and stick a pin in this.

Kickstarter Campaign vs. Kickstarter Reality

Column by Kelly Thompson January 17, 2013
After the campaign is over, the books have been printed, and all the orders have been filled, what then? Did I make money? Would I do it again? Find out!
Simon & Schuster Announce Self-Publishing Service

Simon & Schuster Announce Self-Publishing Service

News by Christopher Shultz November 28, 2012
Archway Publishing claims to make self-publishing a breeze, but is it really any different from a vanity press?

Adventures In Self-Publishing Part 3: So, Can We Talk About Some Stuff?

Column by Rob Hart October 16, 2012
Empirical evidence: If you don't put much effort into selling your self-published work, you will not sell any copies!

Adventures In Self-Publishing Part 2: From Art To Commerce

Column by Rob Hart September 20, 2012
My novella is now available for sale. It's like being done with something I have to keep working on. Also, let's talk marketing, and see my latest sales tallies.

Adventures In Self-Publishing Part 1: Why I'm Doing It, And Also Zombies

Column by Rob Hart August 10, 2012
As an experiment in self-publishing, I'm putting out a zombie novella I wrote. Follow me as I bring it from rough draft to finished product, then watch as I try to get people to buy it!
Amazon Under Fire For Selling eBook About Sex Tourism

Amazon Under Fire For Selling eBook About Sex Tourism

News by Rob Hart August 3, 2012
A group that fights child trafficking and exploitation successfully lobbied Amazon to remove a self-published eBook about age of consent laws around the world.

10 Lessons Even You Can Learn From Fifty Shades Of Grey

Column by Hanna Brooks Olsen June 8, 2012
The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' trilogy has basically become a punchline in publishing, but even hardened writers can stand to learn a thing or two from this weird, kinky, literary train-wreck.

Six Tough Truths About Self-Publishing (That The Advocates Never Seem To Talk About)

Column by Rob Hart May 31, 2012
Self-publishing advocates like to sing about the advantages of putting out your own work, without going to a publisher. And there are advantages. But it's not as easy as they make it sound.

My Kindle Experiment: What A Month And Change Can Teach You

Column by Hanna Brooks Olsen April 30, 2012
Amazon may be on everyone's naughty list this year, but they're still the easiest game in town when it comes to self-publishing and selling your book. You just have to work the kinks out, first.
Kobo Branded Shops And Self-Publishing

Kobo Making Big Moves, With Branded Shops And Self-Publishing On The Horizon

News by Rob Hart April 20, 2012
The Canadian-based eBook retailer will strike out into physical stores, at the same time that it's discussing the launch of its self-publishing arm.
Kids getting self-publishing by parents

Want To Get Published? Have Your Parents Do It!

News by Rob Hart
The newest trend in self-publishing: Parents are publishing their kids' books, leading some to wonder whether that's fostering a false sense of accomplishment.

My Kindle Experiment: How Easy Is Amazon's Self-Publishing Platform?

Column by Hanna Brooks Olsen March 21, 2012
Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing makes profiting from a book or novel seem ridiculously easy. I've got an unpublished manuscript that I'm willing to sacrifice, so let's see just how simple this is.
Is ePublishing The Next Bubble Industry?

Is ePublishing The Next Bubble Industry?

News by Rob Hart January 31, 2012
Scottish writer Ewan Morrison says the current rush to ePublish is like the dot-com bubble--and it's only a matter of time before it bursts.
Erotica Section of Amazon Rife with Plagiarism

Is Nothing Sacred? Self-Published Erotica Section of Amazon Rife with Plagiarism

News by John Jarzemsky January 26, 2012
Amazon's self-published erotica section is rife with plagiarism.
Self-Publishing Tools For Digital Comics

Graphicly Presents Self-Publishing Tools For Digital Comics

News by Rob Hart January 25, 2012
Digital comic book distribution company Graphicly has announced a set of self-publishing tools that will let writers and artists convert, distribute and promote their own comic books.

Literary Longshots

Column by Brandon Tietz January 24, 2012
LitReactor examines three potential publishing breakthroughs. Are they worth the trouble?
iBook publising restrictions

Apple's New Self-Publishing App Restricts Your Work To iBooks

News by Rob Hart
Apple's new iBooks Author app, which lets writers design and self-publish their books, comes with a major restriction--if you design your book in the app, you can only sell it in iBooks.
Apple Announcement: ibooks 2, itunes u, ibooks author

Apple Makes Some Major eBook Announcements: iBooks 2, iBooks Author, iTunes U

News by Rob Hart
Apple just made some major announcements for their eBook platform- creating apps for self-published authors, interactive textbooks and college classes.

Can't Everyone In The Publishing Industry Just Get Along?

Column by Rob Hart January 16, 2012
We spend a lot of time arguing over what's better--print vs. eBooks, traditional vs. self-publishing, indies vs. Amazon--but can't we just agree that both sides have their benefits?
JA Konrath's sales numbers from Amazon

Author JA Konrath Makes $100,000 In Three Weeks On Self-Pubbed Books

News by Rob Hart January 12, 2012
Self-publishing advocate JA Konrath just posted his sales numbers for the past three weeks. He's earned $100,000. In three weeks. On self-published novels.
iBooks press conference?

Rumored NYC Apple Event To Focus On eBooks And Sef-Publishing?

News by Rob Hart January 4, 2012
Apple is reportedly planning a press conference for the end of the month in New York City, and rumor is the focus will be digital publishing--possibly on digital textbooks and self-publishing.
FU Penguin

Penguin Goes the Self-Pub Route

News by Brandon Tietz November 17, 2011
Penguin is opening a self-publishing branch, but don't be too quick to jump on the bandwagon. It might not be as good as you think.
Amazon goofs, author loses out on royalties

Author Gets Shafted On Royalties By Amazon

News by Rob Hart November 3, 2011
Amazon goofed and gave away a self-published author's eBook for free--and with more than 5,000 free downloads, he lost out on more than $20,000 in royalties