What Good Are Sex Scenes in Fiction?

Column by Peter Derk February 3, 2021
How are books boring me with...SEX!?

9 Sexy Poems to Read with Your Valentine

Column by Annie Neugebauer
Forget to buy your S.O. a Valentine’s present? Need a last-minute plan for making a night at home special? Set on wooing your literary darling? Never fear: poetry is here!
Tim Seeley and Sarah Beattie Shoot Their Shot with "Money Shot"

Tim Seeley and Sarah Beattie Shoot Their Shot with "Money Shot"

Interview by Joshua Chaplinsky
The writers behind the new sci-fi/comedy comic book MONEY SHOT talk aliens, sex, and sex with aliens.

A List of Books I Recommended to Autumn Christian for "Girl Like a Bomb"

Column by Christoph Paul
Editors suggest books to inspire writers. Here is an example.

Help, There Are Feelings In My Sex: The Origins of Girl Like A Bomb

Column by Autumn Christian
Christian's latest is a female coming-of-age story that's a cross between an X-men origin story and Lars Von Trier's "Nymphomaniac".

Hot Dudes Reading: Summer Heat or Total Defeat?

Column by Peter Derk
What's the worst part about Hot Dudes Reading? The reading.

Castration Anxiety and the Monstrous-Feminine in 'Thor: Ragnarok'

Column by Bart Bishop
A look at the gender politics of 'Thor: Ragnarok,' specifically in relation to Hela.

The Sex Scene In Stephen King's 'IT'

Column by Peter Derk September 5, 2017
What's the deal with one of the weirdest sex scenes in King's oeuvre?

The Mini-Guide To Writing Sex For Your Genre

Column by Holly Slater October 19, 2016
There are approximately a zillion questions to consider when it comes to the craft of sex in fiction. One of the most important being: Does your intended audience expect, crave, or even allow sex?

Finding Story Inspiration in Strip Clubs

Column by Rob Hart
If you want to get the feel for a town, strip clubs are a good place to start. Rob Hart shares his strip club experiences and how they've influenced his new novel, CITY OF ROSE.

Kindling Love: 9 of the Strangest Erotic Stories on Kindle

Column by Peter Derk February 19, 2016
Pimp dinos, astronaut dinos, and other things non-dino: the weirdest Kindle erotica.

Five Literary Sex Scenes You Wish You'd Written

Column by JS Breukelaar January 29, 2016
Unearned sex scenes are hard to swallow. Here are five writers that get to the guts of what's at stake when we get naked.

Let's Read About Sex

Column by Peter Derk April 21, 2015
How can a person get more comfortable reading about sex?

Storyville: Ten Sexual Influences That Really Work

Column by Richard Thomas March 18, 2015
Here is a list of ten sexual influences that I think work really well.

Slashing Childhood: An Erotic Fanfiction Adventure

Column by Peter Derk January 23, 2015
An attempt to better understand slash fiction through the sex acts of beloved childhood characters.

Hide Your Mistletoe: The Bizarre Tradition of Holiday Romance

Column by Leah Dearborn
Since it’s the season of generosity, I figured I would give the internet a present: Puritan sex.
Bad Sex Award Winner Announced

Bad Sex Award Winner Announced

News by Peter Derk December 5, 2014
'Literary Review' has announced their annual Bad Sex Award Winner. Take a breath. It's not you.

Lurid: Nipped In The Bud - Hebephilia in Fiction

Column by Karina Wilson February 5, 2014
Does writing about a pubescent object of desire put the 'ick' in fiction? Lurid takes a look at some of the most contentious protagonists ever written - an unholy quartet of hebephiles.
NPR Readers Search For Books About Sex

NPR App Reveals Readers Have Dirty Minds

News by Dean Fetzer
The radio station’s new Concierge app has been used to compile a list of most searched tags and the results are a surprise — readers are looking for great writing and sex.
Erotic Lives of Superheroes

Batman Depicted As Openly Gay In New Novel

News by Christopher Shultz August 6, 2013
Author Marco Mancassola explores the sexuality of comic book characters in his critically-acclaimed Erotic Lives of Superheroes.

10 More Hysterical, Offensive, Ridiculous, Controversial, Frightening, Sexy Book Covers

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky May 30, 2013
They say don't judge a book by its cover, but these designs make it awfully hard not to. Maybe even more so than the previous batch.

Comics: Get Your Sex Out Of My Violence

Column by Kelly Thompson May 24, 2013
Mainstream American comics are notoriously puritanical when it comes to sex, but not violence, just like the weird land that birthed them. WHY?

The 10 Books That Taught Me Everything I Know About Sex

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky March 22, 2013
Consider this a warning: Properly educate your children about sex OR THEY WILL TURN OUT LIKE ME!
Goodreads has banned sexual roleplay

No Sex on Goodreads, Please…

News by Dean Fetzer February 20, 2013
The popular book review, listing and sharing site has banned sexual roleplay in its groups after evidence minors may have been involved.