Storyville: My Favorite Horror Stories Available to Read Online Right Now

Column by Richard Thomas
Some thought provoking and emotional work for you to enjoy this Halloween season.

A Fiction Roundup Both Painful and Poignant

Column by Ben Tanzer
Ben Tanzer discusses recent reads from Coco Picard, Tommy Dean, Rebecca Van Laer and Ravi Mangla that had a powerful effect on him.

Magic When It All Comes Together: How To Assemble a Not-Boring Book

Column by Paul Michael Anderson
Putting together a short story collection isn't easy, but Paul Michael Anderson built a few mixtape-style rules that might help.
Disappearing and Reappearing—An interview with Tara Lynn Masih, author of 'How W

Disappearing and Reappearing—An interview with Tara Lynn Masih

Interview by Steph Post
An interview with author Tara Lynn Maish, author of the short story collection 'How We Disappear,' out Sept. 12, 2022, from Press 53.

5 Lessons On How To Avoid Getting Fucked By A Publisher

Column by Paul Michael Anderson
Paul Michael Anderson shares what he learned advocating for his latest release.

5 Short Speculative Stories with Unusual Formats

Column by Sara Tantlinger March 17, 2022
A list featuring 5 short speculative stories with unusual or experimental formatting.
Valancourt Books on Horror Stories from Around the World

Valancourt Books on Horror Stories from Around the World

Interview by Sadie Hartmann February 16, 2022
"Horror really is a worldwide phenomenon, and if you look hard enough you can find it almost anywhere in the world." - James D. Jenkins

Why John Urbancik is the Greatest Short Story Writer of All Time

Column by Jay Wilburn January 5, 2022
While there have been many great short story writers throughout history, the greatest may still walk among us. Here is the argument for John Urbancik.

Can’t We Just Get Some Peace?

Column by Ben Tanzer December 22, 2021
Ruminations on End Times (and the short story collections Deadheading by Beth Gilstrap, The Cult in My Garage by Duncan Birmingham and JERKS by Sara Lippmann).

10 Indie Holiday Horror Reads

Column by Andrew Fowlow
'Tis the season to be scary, and what better way to celebrate the holidays than with some spine-chilling tales of nightmare-inducing terror?

Leave the Fat

Column by Cameron MacKenzie
Open up your writing and let it live.

Lucky me, Lucky You

Column by Joan Schweighardt November 4, 2021
The memoirist and author of the Rivers Trilogy discusses a lifetime of stories, and how lucky she is to have them.
Farah Rose Smith by Lucy La Riot

Farah Rose Smith: Of One Pure Will

Interview by Autumn Christian September 1, 2021
An interview with weird fiction writer Farah Rose Smith.

I Wrote A Story Every Day for a Month on Live Stream

Column by Jay Wilburn
Jay Wilburn shares his experience writing a new short story every day while streaming live on Twitch.
author William R. Soldan

Interview with Grit Lit Author William R. Soldan

Interview by Gabriel Hart
Discover where the bleak American experience collides with glimmers of righteous humanity.

Don't Fear the Short Story

Column by Joshua Isard April 20, 2021
Aspiring novelist need to see the short story as an important part of their growth as writers.

Storyville: Reasons Authors Don't Submit Their Work—And My Responses

Column by Richard Thomas
The top reasons authors don't submit their work, and my responses.
Blood in the Gears: A Craft Interview with Gemma Amor

Blood in the Gears: A Craft Interview with Gemma Amor

Interview by Tyler Jones
An interview with horror author Gemma Amor about writing.

7 Short Literary Works for the Shortest Month

Column by Lisa Bubert February 15, 2021
Let's traipse through some of the finest short fiction around.

How a Lunatic Published My First Short Story: A Cautionary Tale

Column by Max Booth III
What every writer dreams of hearing: “I like it, but not enough to want to give you a book for it. (In other words, I don't want to pay for it as I don't LOVE it.)”

24 Hour Writing Challenge: Livestreaming a Full Day of Writing on Twitch

Column by Jay Wilburn February 2, 2021
Jay Wilburn livestreamed all the short stories he could write in 24 hours on Twitch. This was not the first time he tried something like this. See what you might learn from his success and folly.
Now Accepting Submissions - "The Mercy Seat: Stories From Death Row"

Now Accepting Submissions - "The Mercy Seat: Stories From Death Row"

News by Max Booth III January 15, 2021
Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing is seeking short stories for their new anthology.

David Sedaris' 'The Best of Me' for Readers and Writers

Column by Peter Derk November 2, 2020
What's in a best of collection for David Sedaris fans? And what's to be learned by other writers?

Confessions of a Short Story Addict: More, More, More

Column by Sadie Hartmann August 25, 2020
An anthology is a perfect package; introducing readers to their next favorite author one short story at a time.

The Origin of a Space Parasite

Column by Brett Petersen
Brett Petersen discusses how his first book, 'The Parasite From Proto Space & Other Stories', came to be.