The Five Habits of Highly Effective Horror Fiction Podcasts

Column by Luke Kondor
Want to start a fiction podcast? Here's what worked for the successful The Other Stories Podcast.

Narrative Detour: Rediscover Your Novel

Column by BH Shepherd
A fun exercise to help you push forward when writing your novel becomes a slog.
Rob Hart Crowdsources An Interview for His Food Noir Collection

Rob Hart Crowdsources An Interview for His Food Noir Collection And Settles The 'Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich' Debate

Interview by Rob Hart
'Take-Out' hits stores today, so Rob asked a bunch of people on social media to ask him questions. Some of them were very clever and thoughtful. Some... not so much.

How a Community and a War Spawned a Collection

Column by Dino Parenti October 30, 2018
OG LitReactor Dino Parenti talks the long hard road to the release of his new collection.

Fatter than Flash, Shorter than Short: The Joys of the Brief Story

Column by Darrin Doyle October 26, 2018
Invigorate your short fiction by restraining word count.

13 Dark Short Stories You Can Read for Free Right Now

Column by Annie Neugebauer August 24, 2018
13 killer stories you can read for free online right now! What are you waiting for?
An Interview with the Makers of Suspended in Dusk II

An Interview with the Makers of 'Suspended in Dusk II'

Interview by Annie Neugebauer
It's finally here! Literary horror anthology "Suspended in Dusk II" from Grey Matter Press. To celebrate, we spoke to editor Simon Dewar and publisher Anthony Rivera.

Don't Go Back: Avoid Spinning Your Wheels on Old Stories

Column by Justin Hunter
While it's tempting to revisit old stories that never quite got off the ground, it can be harmful to your progress as a writer.

­­Hurdles and a Pyramid: Plotting Your Short Story

Column by Joshua Isard
Make Freytag's Pyramid work for you, not the other way around.

20 Places to Submit Your Speculative Short Stories

Column by Annie Neugebauer March 29, 2018
Twenty markets to submit your speculative short stories to. Professional pay + open now/soon. Options for fantasy, science fiction, horror, and more!

Flannery O'Connor's Greatest Hits

Column by Peter Derk March 23, 2018
In honor of Flannery O'Connor's birthday, a set of 5 key stories that'll convince you she's one of the greats.

The 10 Best Places to Find Quality Short Fiction

Column by Emmanuel Nataf January 19, 2018
Want to sink your teeth into the best short stories, but you don’t know where to start? Check out these awesome literary magazines that champion short-form fiction.

8 New Writing Challenges for 2018

Column by Michael David Wilson January 15, 2018
After the One Story Per Week Challenge in 2017 it's time to set new writing goals and challenges for the new year.

Looking Back: The 2017 One Story Per Week Writing Challenge

Column by Michael David Wilson January 12, 2018
Looking back at the lessons learnt from the One Story Per Week Writing Challenge.

The 20 Best Horror Stories Available Online for Free

Column by Max Booth III
It’s Halloween, so let’s celebrate by reading some spooky stories.

13 Halloween Themed Anthologies to Fill Your Season with Fright

Column by Annie Neugebauer October 17, 2017
A list of yummy seasonal reading. Books on this list are overtly Halloween-themed multi-author anthologies focusing on short stories. 13 lucky options to fill your October with creepy fiction!
Bookshots: 'Entropy in Bloom' by Jeremy Robert Johnson

Bookshots: 'Entropy in Bloom' by Jeremy Robert Johnson

Review by Joshua Chaplinsky
Take a stroll through the mind of one of our maddest and brightest.

Storyville: Great Titles—Hooking Your Readers

Column by Richard Thomas April 17, 2017
Some ideas on how to hook your readers with your titles.

Every Stephen King Short Story Summarized in 140 Characters or Less (Part 2)

Column by Max Booth III
Boners, cat-swallowing, and punching kids in the face.

Dementia, Pee Fetishes, and the Horrors of Obesity: A Month With Stephen King

Column by Max Booth III March 29, 2017
This is what happens when you read every Stephen King short story in one month.

8 Reasons to Avoid the Novel and Focus on Short Stories

Column by Brandon Tietz March 23, 2017
Are you an aspiring author just beginning their journey? You think you're ready to take on the novel? You very well might be, but we've got eight reasons why you should hold off on that.
Bookshots: 'Bit Rot' by Douglas Coupland

Bookshots: 'Bit Rot: Stories + Essays' by Douglas Coupland

Review by Joshua Chaplinsky March 8, 2017
Coupland returns with a tasty collection of bingeable treats for the Netflix generation.

Why I Listen to Audiobooks and You Should Too

Column by Michael David Wilson February 24, 2017
In this column we explore the wonderful world of audiobooks and hope we can persuade you to, too.
Bookshots: 'The Dark and Other Love Stories' by Deborah Willis

Bookshots: 'The Dark and Other Love Stories' by Deborah Willis

Review by Brandon Tietz
In this collection consisting of thirteen stories, Deborah Willis gives us a girl on Mars, teenagers who break and enter for fun, and an avian roommate that won't vacate named Todd.