Storyville: Breaking Hearts

Column by Richard Thomas February 12, 2013
In order to break a reader's heart, you first must get them to care.

Storyville: Researching The Best American Short Stories Anthology

Column by Richard Thomas February 5, 2013
When you are looking to do research on literary short fiction, start with the Best American Short Stories anthology.
Paragraph Short Story App

New iPad App Curates Short Stories From Around The Web

News by Christopher Shultz January 17, 2013
Paragraph takes the guesswork out of finding great stories online, for free. It looks pretty too.

Storyville: Where to Send Your Stories

Column by Richard Thomas January 3, 2013
No idea where to send your writing? Consult this list of the most common genre markets, as well as Richard's BIG LIST, five years in the making.

Storyville: Happy, Not Sappy

Column by Richard Thomas December 13, 2012
It's not easy to write a happy story that is not melodramatic, but here are some tips on how to get there.

The Magic of Christmas: An Advent Calendar of Fantasy Fiction

Column by Rajan Khanna December 5, 2012
Christmas has been the inspiration for many fantasy short stories. Here are 24, one for each day leading up to Christmas.

Storyville: Top Ten Best Short Stories Ever

Column by Richard Thomas December 4, 2012
This is a personal list of my favorite short stories, ten to be exact.

Storyville: Ten Awesome Authors You've Never Heard Of Before

Column by Richard Thomas November 19, 2012
Here are ten authors you've probably never heard of, and they are absolutely killing it.

Storyville: Dynamic Settings

Column by Richard Thomas October 25, 2012
Setting is one of the most important aspects of your story; don't overlook it.

Storyville: Story Dissection - Maker of Flight

Column by Richard Thomas October 4, 2012
Richard dissects another of his short stories, this time, the contest winning, "Maker of Flight."

Small Packages: Short Fantasy Fiction

Column by Rajan Khanna September 18, 2012
A look at short fantastic fiction, highlighting some masters of the form as well as spotlighting some of the best places to find it.
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Checking In On Our First Official Writing Challenge: It's Not Too Late To 'Scare Us!'

News by Rob Hart July 20, 2012
We're past the halfway point on our first official writing challenge. Time to take a measure of where we are. There's no turning back now--but there's still plenty of time to get in on the fun.
'Scare Us!' - A LitReactor writing challenge

'Scare Us!' - LitReactor's First Official Writing Challenge Launches

News by Dennis Widmyer July 2, 2012
LitReactor launches its first official writing challenge. Be afraid. Then make us afraid. And maybe win stuff!

Storyville: Writing Horror Stories

Column by Richard Thomas June 6, 2012
What does it take to write a terrifying story? Every tool in your writer's toolbelt.

Storyville: Dissection of "Twenty Reasons to Stay and One to Leave"

Column by Richard Thomas May 2, 2012
Richard Thomas dissects one of his short stories, the Pushcart Prize nominated "Twenty Reasons to Stay and One to Leave."

Storyville: Revealing Character

Column by Richard Thomas April 17, 2012
Here are some tips on how to reveal character through showing, not telling.

Short Shorts: Extremely brief prose forms plus LitReactor’s first Short Shorts Contest!

Column by Taylor Houston March 21, 2012
Learn all about how to write the shortest stories possible, plus enter your own 10 word/2 sentence short short for a chance to win some LitReactor swag. Short short = Win win!

Storyville: How to Get An Agent

Column by Richard Thomas March 13, 2012
The brutal truth about trying to land an agent.

Storyville: Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

Column by Richard Thomas February 16, 2012
Where do you get your ideas? Turns out, you can get them just about anywhere. But the best stories tap into your personal experiences and emotional truths.

Storyville: Research and Duotrope

Column by Richard Thomas January 17, 2012
An in-depth analysis of, one of the best websites for submitting and tracking your writing.

Neglected Books: Short Stories by Landolfi, Steiner, Wilson and Borges

Column by Phil Jourdan December 8, 2011
This month we look at four great short stories by very different authors — from the story of a man married to a balloon to the capture of Adolf Hitler, from turtle soup to an intellectual conspiracy.

Storyville: The Journey of "Rudy Jenkins Buries His Fears"

Column by Richard Thomas December 5, 2011
The journey of a single short story can be a difficult one. Track "Rudy" on his epic voyage.
"The Angel Esmeralda" by Don Delillo

"The Angel Esmeralda" by Don Delillo

Review by Joshua Chaplinsky November 22, 2011
After over 30 years in the business, literary heavyweight Don Delillo finally published his first book of short stories.

Storyville: Cover Letters and Bridging the Gap

Column by Richard Thomas November 8, 2011
Once you've got a story written, how do you send it out into the world?

Storyville: Finding Your Voice

Column by Richard Thomas October 19, 2011
Embarking on the quest to find your very own literary voice