When Fiction Sells, Why Write Speculative Poetry?

Column by Stephanie M. Wytovich, MFA
There are a lot of ways that poetry can not only strengthen your writing career and author brand, but also your bank account.

Writer's Tilt: What It Is and How to Avoid It

Column by Joshua Isard May 10, 2022
We present to you some common causes of writer's tilt and how to successfully combat it.

Dispatch From the Querying Trenches (Part II): Shelving a Dream

Column by Karis Rogerson February 24, 2022
Karis Rogerson reflects on the past six months in the world of querying.

Value Your Fucking Work (Pt. II)

Column by Todd Keisling November 2, 2021
A continuing look at the basics of publishing contracts and how to value your work.

Value Your Fucking Work (Pt. I)

Column by Todd Keisling November 1, 2021
If writers don't place value on their work, it will lead to publishing agreements that do not favor the author, thereby enabling certain predatory practices.

A Quick and Dirty Guide to Writing a Book Proposal

Column by Emmanuel Nataf August 17, 2021
Here are the five essential steps you need to take in order to write a nonfiction book proposal that agents and editors will be snapping at one another’s heels to acquire.

Everything Is Permitted When It Comes To Submissions

Column by David James Keaton
The rules are there are no rules and not even that rule but also that rule.

Storyville: Writing for the Ideal Reader

Column by Richard Thomas
How do you write to your ideal reader? Here are some tips and suggestions.

How to Write a Cover Letter That Won’t Kill You

Column by Lisa Bubert April 13, 2021
Most literary journals ask for a “cover letter” to go with their submissions. What should the letter say?

Storyville: Reasons Authors Don't Submit Their Work—And My Responses

Column by Richard Thomas
The top reasons authors don't submit their work, and my responses.

Why I'm Not Submitting for Publication Anymore

Column by Peter Derk March 5, 2021
2020 tested how much I could take. It was a test I didn't pass.

How a Lunatic Published My First Short Story: A Cautionary Tale

Column by Max Booth III
What every writer dreams of hearing: “I like it, but not enough to want to give you a book for it. (In other words, I don't want to pay for it as I don't LOVE it.)”
Now Accepting Submissions - "The Mercy Seat: Stories From Death Row"

Now Accepting Submissions - "The Mercy Seat: Stories From Death Row"

News by Max Booth III January 15, 2021
Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing is seeking short stories for their new anthology.

The BS Parts of the Submission Process

Column by Peter Derk
The submissions process is a hell that even Kafka couldn't have imagined.

The Origin of a Space Parasite

Column by Brett Petersen
Brett Petersen discusses how his first book, 'The Parasite From Proto Space & Other Stories', came to be.

Storyville: Tips, Tricks, and Thoughts on Reprints

Column by Richard Thomas July 28, 2020
Why should you get your stories reprinted? It can help your career!

How To Read Between The Lines of Your Rejections

Column by Lisa Bubert July 24, 2020
What are those pesky rejection letters actually telling you?

Storyville: Surviving Rejection

Column by Richard Thomas
Tips, stories, and advice on how to survive rejection.

The Weird, Bloody Path to Fangoria

Column by Max Booth III
How one author got his book published by Fangoria.

How to Submit Writing Like A Relentless Force of Nature

Column by Peter Derk
Don't get down. Get published.

Project Redlight: Part 2

Column by David James Keaton May 24, 2018
The continuing adventures of David James Keaton in the screen(writing) trade.

Project Redlight: Part I

Column by David James Keaton
One man's adventures in the screen(writing) trade.

20 Places to Submit Your Speculative Short Stories

Column by Annie Neugebauer March 29, 2018
Twenty markets to submit your speculative short stories to. Professional pay + open now/soon. Options for fantasy, science fiction, horror, and more!

Embracing the Missteps

Column by Keith Rosson January 23, 2018
'The Mercy of the Tide' author Keith Rosson chronicles the starts and fits of getting published.

8 Submission Strategies That Get Results

Column by Susan DeFreitas
Ready to get more of your work published? Level up your submissions game in 2018.