How 'Krypton' Keeps Things Interesting

Column by BH Shepherd
How 'Krypton' manages to tell a prequel story that isn't predictable.

The Evolution of Brian Michael Bendis as A Writer

Column by Bart Bishop
From Luke Cage to Superman: As Brian Michael Bendis leaves Marvel for DC, we take a look back at his definitive run on "New Avengers".

Comics And Comics Movies Need Good Villains

Column by Peter Derk April 14, 2017
Where have all the villains gone?

Don't Call It a Comback: Peter David's Supergirl is Finally Getting Collected

Column by Bart Bishop
A look back at the nearly-forgotten DC Comics series that is finally getting collected in trade paperback.

6 Couples in Literature Who Should Just Break Up Already

Column by Riki Cleveland February 23, 2017
You might have your OTP, but we have couples who should just call it quits.

The DC Cinematic Universe: "Pregnant Moments" and Shallow Adaptations

Column by Bart Bishop
A look at the DC iconography that inspired the movie adaptations, the result being a surface-level approach.

A Modest Proposal in Response to Devin Faraci’s 'Fandom is Broken'

Column by Bart Bishop July 1, 2016
A refutation of the tyranny of comic book literalness that proposes banning continuity indefinitely.

12 Superman Stories You And Zack Snyder Should Read

Column by Peter Derk May 20, 2016
Disappointed by the Superman you've seen on screen lately? Read these books, fall in love with the Man of Steel all over again.
Batfleck Writes Batscript

Batfleck Writes Batscript

News by Peter Derk April 1, 2016
Did Batman V. Superman leave you wanting? As usual, Batman's got a contingency plan.

6 Mainstream Comic Book Characters as Written by Non-Comic Book Authors

Column by Bart Bishop
A look at six different authors not known for writing Marvel and DC characters tackling them in novel form.

Batman vs. Superman: 7 Classic Clashes

Column by BH Shepherd
A list of some of the most memorable showdowns between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel.
Action Comics #1: Pay $3.2 Million or Read For Free

Action Comics #1: Pay $3.2 Million or Read For Free

News by Peter Derk October 27, 2014
CGC has uploaded a complete scan of Action Comics #1, first appearance of Superman and the world's most valuable comic.
Writer Announced For Third Wolverine, Goyer on Fan Expectation

Comic Movie Roundup: Writer Announced For Third Wolverine, Goyer on Fan Expectations, and Superhero Casting

News by Peter Derk March 26, 2014
What do writers have to say about Batman Vs Superman and the lameness of Marvel's characters?
Batman, comic books, Film, Superman, Wonder Woman, Zack Snyder

Batman Vs. Superman Vs. ... Wonder Woman?

News by Rob Hart December 4, 2013
Israeli actress Gal Gadot has been cast as Wonder Woman in Zack Snyder's upcoming Batman/Superman movie.
Ben Affleck as Batman

Ben Affleck Cast As Batman In Man Of Steel 2

News by Christopher Shultz August 23, 2013
The man responsible for some excellent directorial/acting choices (and a few really poor ones) will don the cape and cowl in 2015.

Dystropia: All Hail The Magnificent Bastard

Column by Troy Farah August 13, 2013
In this episode of Dystropia, we look at the Magnificent Bastard, who is cunning, charming and crafty. What makes him tick and why are we all of a sudden so attracted to him?
Batman / Superman logo from Comic-Con

Batman Will Appear in 'Man of Steel 2,' Warner Bros. Announces

News by Christopher Shultz July 22, 2013
The Caped Crusader and the Man of Tomorrow will team-up--and possibly square off--in 2015.

Adaptations: Passionate, Not Precious

Column by John Jarzemsky June 26, 2013
Maybe we should be a little more open-minded when it comes to adaptations of stories we love.

Comic Book vs. Film: Man of Steel vs. Superman Unchained

Column by Kelly Thompson June 20, 2013
Though not adaptations, two new major Superman properties debuted last week. Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel" film and Scott Snyder and Jim Lee's "Superman Unchained" comic book. One is quite good!

Men (and Women) of Steel: Supermen and Superwomen in Fantasy

Column by Rajan Khanna
Superman is arguably the most powerful hero in the DC Universe. Celebrate the release of "Man of Steel" by looking at the supermen and superwomen of fantasy fiction.

Orson Scott Card’s Personal Beliefs Are Appalling, But...

Column by Kelly Thompson March 7, 2013
DC has hired Orson Scott Card to write a Superman story. Will you read it? Do you support creators with abhorrent personal beliefs? Why or why not? And where do you draw the line?

The Only Question Every Story Must Answer

Column by BH Shepherd February 26, 2013
There is only one question that truly matters. What is it, and how do you answer it?
anti-gay Orson Scott Card to pen new Superman storyline

DC Comics Face Boycott by Stores and Fans Over Anti-Gay Author

News by Dean Fetzer February 15, 2013
Unashamedly homophobic author Orson Scott Card has been chosen to write a portion of an upcoming storyline in ‘The Adventures of Superman’, but the decision has sparked a backlash.

10 Comics Related Gifts For The Comic Geek In Your Life

Column by Kelly Thompson December 17, 2012
Don't want to give comics but know some comics geeks that need some gifts anyway? Here are 10 great options to get you started!
 Zack Snyder's Superman Trailer

New Trailer For Zack Snyder's Superman Movie Hits, Looks Amazing

News by Rob Hart December 11, 2012
This trailer really soars! Get it? Because Superman flies. GET IT?! Seriously though, this movie looks great.