Storyville: Foreshadowing in Fiction—How to Set the Stage

Column by Richard Thomas October 23, 2020
Tips on how to use foreshadowing to write layered stories with powerful emotion.

Symbolism: Storytelling and the Invisible Hand

Column by Jon Gingerich
Symbolism allows writers to get themselves off the page and lets their words do the talking.

Understanding the Objective Correlative

Column by Jon Gingerich October 24, 2012
One way to embed a central theme in a story is with the use of a literary device commonly referred to as the Objective Correlative.

The Spiraling Narrative

Column by Jon Gingerich April 26, 2012
Plots shouldn't unfold with cause-and-effect insomuch as careful repetitions of symbolism and theme. Here's one way you can do this without forcing the story to wear symbolism on it sleeve.