Teleport Us Writing Challenge

TELEPORT US! - Rewarding Our Top Stories!

News by Jessica Taylor April 19, 2013
We've crunched the numbers and came away with our top rated stories, as voted on by our members!
Teleport Us! - Top Reviewers!

Teleport Us! - Rewarding the Top Reviewers!

News by Jessica Taylor April 12, 2013
Hold on to your butts! Today we announced our Top Reviewers and the awesome prizes they'll be receiving. Get ready to be jealous, these folks are awesome and so are their rewards!
Teleport Us LitReactor

The End of the Reviewing Period for 'Teleport Us' is Nigh!

News by Jessica Taylor
The dealine for reviews is April 1st! Be sure to get in as many as possible before it's too late. Did I mention there are prizes involved?
Teleport Us

Teleport Us: Hitting The Halfway Point, Plus Announcing More Prizes For Readers and Writers!

News by Jessica Taylor February 15, 2013
Have you gotten in on the excitement of our sci-fi writing challenge? Find out what you're missing, where to start, and why you want to do this!
LitReactor: Teleport Us Writing Challenge

Teleport Us: LitReactor's Sci-Fi Writing Challenge Is Open For Submissions

News by Rob Hart February 1, 2013
Our sci-fi writing challenge is open to submissions! Get 'em in! Read some stuff! And meet some of the authors who've offered to read and critique the top-rated stories...
'Teleport Us' - LitReactor's Second Writing Challenge

'Teleport Us' - LitReactor's Sci-Fi Writing Challenge

News by Rob Hart January 2, 2013
Our horror fiction challenge is in the bag. Time to switch genres... Announcing 'Teleport Us' - LitReactor's Second Writing Challenge! New rules. New genre. New prizes!